3 strategies to get more Instagram subscribers

Since the existence of social media channels, the number of followers of a profile or the number of subscribers or followers has been a strong signal of how relevant the respective profile is and how good the content is that is shared there.

The more followers or subscribers, the better and the easier the decision to follow such a profile when you discover it for the first time. Because the others can’t be wrong. The classic herd instinct.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, or an Instagram profile.

You can even go so far as to say that many subscribers to a social media channel can almost be viewed as a kind of digital currency.

That is why many users who cavort on social media channels also want to have many followers in order to attract even more followers and to gain reach.

One of the most important social media channels currently is Instagram. It is precisely there that the social currency “many followers” ​​is of great importance.

However, many, especially new users of the platform, often lack the right approaches and strategies to build new subscribers and followers for their own profile.

Often times, reality in the form of a standstill in subscriber growth catches up with you very quickly, especially if you are not acting proactively.

In order to get new followers for the Instagram account , one basically only has to apply recognized and functioning growth strategies, ideally combined, structured and, above all, regularly.

In this article I will give you an overview of 3 such growth strategies:

Content Creator Strategy

As the title suggests, you have to create constant, engaging content on a regular basis. To understand why, one has to look at Instagram’s AI.

Their goal is to keep the user on the platform for as long as possible and to show him posts that he considers valuable so that the user can consume advertising.

In plain English, this means that you regularly create content and share it on your profile. Ideally several times a day, every day, 7 days a week.

Now maybe one or the other says that that’s a bit much.

Understandably, but you should post regularly, even if this is “only” every 2-3 days.

In order to do this, it is advisable to have a plan of when you want to post which post.

The most important thing, however, is and remains that the content is valuable for the target group.

If a lot of followers find your content interesting, chances are the AI ​​is saying

“With this content, the users stay a little longer on the platform, I also show the content to people who view similar content but are not the followers of this user”.

Then it can happen that the post is displayed on search pages for hashtags, locations, the Explore Page or, in the future, also through a special search page created by keywords (Instagram SEO).

The ideal case is that the hitherto non-followers discover their own channel, find it good and valuable and ultimately follow it.

Of course, it would be best if the content was shared directly by the followers.

But whether that happens depends on several factors, because you always have to keep in mind that your followers ultimately decide whether they consume your content or not and whether they consider it valuable enough to share it too.

Studies have shown that those who post consistently over a long period of time are more successful than those who post a lot in a short period of time.

Because if you don’t always post, it will take a long time again until the algorithm “gets going” and the AI ​​becomes aware of you and your posts gain in reach.

One factor that is also very important is the design of the post and no, you don’t need a degree and you don’t have to be a designer.

So you should attract visitors with an attractive design and be different from everyone else.

That sounds nice and good, but how is it supposed to be “different from the others?”

Don’t worry, I’ll explain that to you in a moment, just pay attention to the following basics:

It’s about

  • the right choice of colors
  • the right contrast
  • the effective font selection
  • where to find high quality pictures
  • and what free tools there are to edit your posts

Unfortunately, I cannot give you step-by-step instructions for what content can be formatted and how. That depends on you, your account and, above all, your positioning and the associated goals. As always, trying is more important than studying.

Another little tip on the side:

If you start on Instagram (up to 1,000 followers) do without a bio link and corresponding calls to action. This will have a positive effect on your growth.

502 strategy

This is an interaction based strategy. Instagram is a social network in which interactions with others should take place.

Interactions are reactions in the form of likes, valuable comments and the sharing of posts from others.

To understand the 502 strategy, we first need to look at the $ 1.80 strategy from online marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuck.

This basically states that if you leave a like and a comment on a comment (2 cents), it is possible, through the psychological principle of reciprocity (reciprocity, I give you something, you give me something), your channel to be liked will.

So you assume that the interaction comes back to you and you do that for 90 different channels every day.

So you look for hashtags that suit you beforehand and like and comment on their posts.

The theory sounds great, but in practice it has been shown that the comment is lost on large accounts. Another shortcoming is that regional companies, for example, have difficulties with this.

The 502 strategy therefore says that you should choose particularly small channels, 50 of them daily and there again a like and a comment or even share the post.

This increases the interaction, the comment does not go under and it is also very likely that the Instagrammers or their followers will follow you back.

A short word about the comments; please do not write anything like “great”, “great”, “great photo” or the like, as these sound like bot comments and people tend not to react to them.

Instead, ask an open question so that a conversation can take place, or “Great drawn picture, you inspired me to pick up my pencil again. I have xy on my account, what do you think of that “could be one of many examples.

Hashtags strategy

The Instagram hashtag Strategy is already one of the “old hands” and yet one of the best strategies ever.

Hashtags “#” can be viewed as subject categories. For example, you are looking for a hotel in … then you could simply enter # hotelin … and you will find numerous options.

And that is exactly the cornerstone of the strategy.

So you combine the content creator strategy mentioned above and in addition to the content of the post, you also add hashtags that match your post.

So you don’t rely on others to follow you because you’ve left a comment or like on another profile.
Instead, you specify the topics for which you would like to be found.

Studies have found that up to 30 hashtags are ideal.

In order to be as visible as possible, it is recommended:

  • Use 10 hashtags that use a low level of competition, e.g. #hotelname
  • 10 hashtags with medium competition e.g. #hotelin [location]
  • 10 hashtags that are highly competitive e.g. #hotelin [state]

So it’s always about the ranking and being found, if you are found in a low competition you have a lower range, because it is very specific.

If you are found in a hashtag that has high competition, your potential reach is much greater, but the competition is also greater.

Nevertheless, it is worth ranking there as well, although it is more difficult.

Because if you are found this way and get a lot of engagement because of and the Post, the Post can go viral and you get free reach for free.

Before you tackle all of the hashtags, you should research which hashtags are of interest to you.

What does the content of your post say and which are the ideal hashtags are questions you should ask yourself.

But be careful not to use any forbidden hashtags, otherwise your profile can receive an Instagram shadowban. By the way, you can just google which hashtags are forbidden.

Where you then place the hashtags is basically irrelevant, whether in the screen description or in the first comment. This results in the following formula:

Engagement + the right content + the best hashtags


the ranking of your posts -> get more Instagram followers


In this article I have shown you 3 strategies to get more Instagram subscribers. Which strategy you use now is entirely up to you. All three would be ideal together and combined.

To conclude, I would like to tell you that no matter which strategy you choose, it is important that you do something and be active. Because without your own activity, it won’t work on Instagram.

In any case, make a plan for when to post what content and just go for it. It just takes time for the AI ​​to appreciate your commitment and react to it.

Stay on the ball because if you stop for some time, most of the work has been lost and you will have to start over. It’s best to say every day from x to y a.m. I work on my Instagram profile and you will see how it gets bigger and bigger over time.

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