5 features Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 should “steal” from Android

Even if iOS 15 has just come out (September 14, 2021) and has been made immediately available on the new line of iPhones, it is not too early to look to the future: today we are talking about iOS 16 .

Android 12 also came out recently (October 4, 2021), although the update via OTA did not arrive in the early hours. The reason for this delay is due to Google’s desire not to reveal all the Pixel exclusives , but to keep them confidential until the Pixel 6 launch, which is then set for October 19th.

Apple iOS 16 release date will most likely be September 2022 . In fact, Apple’s recent launch program plans to release revisions of the operating system during the same period every year.

1. Customization of the interface

One of the biggest news of Android 12 is the Material You , the evolved form of the famous Material Design . Basically, Material You allows you to customize your phone to your taste , right down to the color of the interface.

Since iOS 14 allowed you to change your app icons via the Shortcuts app and add widgets to the Home screen , I’ve become a fan of the most streamlined and minimal personalization for iOS. This step may not have been fully learned and fully embraced with iOS 15, but perhaps something will change with iOS 16.

For the uninitiated, the Material You lets you choose a custom color palette to use at the system level , so you can basically change the interface colors.

There is also a color extraction tool that can locate colors from the current background and apply them to the entire UI of the device. There are also new animations , transitions and other interface changes that are much more adaptable and dynamic for maximized energy efficiency.

It would be interesting to see this level of customization applied, at some point, even in iOS, allowing us to change the color of the lock screen text to something other than black or white.

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