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The social networks are changing ever faster and more extensively. While “TikTok” was just the title of a Ke $ ha song five years ago, the term currently stands for the most hyped social network of all.

However, it is not only the platforms in the entire social media cosmos that are changing, but above all life on the individual social media channels. I’m not even referring to the content, which has drifted more and more towards moving images in recent years – especially in portrait format. With this I am referring to the way in which the expansion of reach works on individual social networks. In the course of this, I would like to take a closer look at Instagram today.


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Brian Klanten
Instagram is still considered the brightest star in the social media night sky – despite the largest number of registered users on Facebook and the rapid growth of TikTok. Instagram has now firmly established itself as a top advertising platform – at the latest when it was taken over by its big brother Facebook.

When a social network launches, it often tries to quickly win many advertising partners for the platform – i.e. companies that are willing to place their advertising on Instagram and also pay for it. All social networks try to subsidize these advertising partners as much as possible. That means: As an advertising partner, you get a lot of reach in order to secure a certain interest and make the platform appear even more interesting for the advertising partner. This can currently be observed especially on LinkedIn. New advertising partners should get to know LinkedIn as an attractive channel and are accordingly quickly provided with organic reach before paid advertisements have even been placed. The advertising partner is happy about it and only asks one question: What happens now, if you invest budget in this channel? – That is exactly what LinkedIn intends to do. A typical course of action in growing a social network.

But why this detailed introduction? Basically, I want to convey why it is no longer that easy to build organic reach on Instagram. Instagram has long since passed this point – the point of giving away organic reach. Instagram has made it to a global brand and a permanent fixture in the marketing plan of almost every company and can now allow itself a certain “eat or die” mentality. Accordingly, other ways are needed to build reach on Instagram in 2021. And it is precisely these methods that I would like to take a closer look at together with you.

Organize competitions!
Instagram reach competition
Sweepstakes have been a follower machine since Instagram was born. The principle is very simple: You raffle a service or an item and in return demand that each participant follow the organizer. A simple principle, which, however, finds fertile ground in almost every industry. However, there are some rules to avoid being targeted by the warning lawyers.

For example, in the case of a “giveaway”, one cannot demand that the participants abuse a third-party newsfeed. In German: I am not allowed to force users to share a post or to link other users. Instead, I am only allowed to make these criteria available for selection. For example: “Follow our account or link three friends in the comments”.

There are also a few other criteria to consider:
Name the key dates for the competition: When does the competition start? Until when can you participate? When will the winner be drawn and when will it be announced?
State what can be won and in what number of pieces.
Please indicate how the winner will be determined: drawing lots, subjective decision or even through a public vote.
State all the conditions that must be met in order to participate.
In addition, a disclaimer is important that excludes cooperation with and support from Instagram.
Cooperate with influencers!
Have you ever worked with a so-called “influencer”? Influencers are opinion leaders – large profiles who usually deal with a specific topic and have expert status on this. In the common B2C markets in particular, such as nutrition, fitness and fashion, people often work with big Instagram bloggers.

There are many different categories of influencers, which of course mainly differ in terms of reach, but also in many other criteria, for example:

The authenticity: how close is an influencer really to his community? Does he respond to questions or does he seem more like an inviolable celebrity to his own target group?
The engagement rate: how active is an influencer’s followers? Do the posts get enough likes or are the followers maybe even bought?
Can an influencer really convey relevant information and tell a story, or is they just good looking?
Basically, it is important that an influencer embodies a certain “social proof”. This means that the influencer’s community can identify with him or at least would like to identify. Because only then is the influencer authentic and can really influence the purchasing decisions of his community – and that’s the point of the matter.

Use the right hashtags and think about the user experience!
A #hashtag is a keyword that is placed in the text of a post in order to place this post on corresponding sub-pages. So if you post a picture of an apple and write #apple underneath, you will be listed with the post on the #apple page and thus get the attention of the users who are currently on the #apple page – regardless of whether they are you already follow or not.

Build Instagram reach in 2021 hashtag
So hashtags – formerly known as “diamond” – are a great way to reach new audiences. It is particularly important that the hashtags chosen also match the post. For example, if you post the apple picture with the hashtag #Banana, Instagram will recognize this and punish your destructive behavior. In this context, always think of the user experience: “What does a user want to see?” – Because then you act in the interests of Instagram.

The goal of the social networks is to make the stay of the respective user as long as possible, as the user can then generate more space for advertisements. If you support Instagram in keeping its own users on the platform for as long as possible, that will definitely play into your cards. This can also be seen in the example of video content: a video is generally viewed longer than a normal contribution. The social networks are aware of this fact and will subsidize your social media presence with free reach if you publish more video content and thus do something good for the user experience on the individual platforms.

The platforms also recognize how much time users spend on your posts. If your followers deal extensively with interesting texts under your posts, this will help you further. Archiving or sharing a post is a real “boost” for the algorithm. For Instagram, this is immediate proof: This creator is good for our community! We should reward him with more reach so that our users can spend longer on our platform.

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