Buying Shares Meta Ultimate Guide [2021]

Surely, you too have thought that Buying Meta shares, in this precise historical moment, is an excellent solution.

You have surely already read our article in which we easily explain how to buy Facebook shares, closely related to Meta, as you surely know.

As has happened in the past with Facebook, even half will be part of our daily life in the most imminent future.

The actions Meta , in fact, created to replace the Facebook stock, and at this time, are continuing to grow steadily after the announcement of the CEO Zuckerberg.

Everything related to Social Networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, are under the eyes of each of us but not only, even in hand.

In hand because we live and constantly publish our lives on Social Networks, through our smartphone, always at hand.

Today let’s go straight to see how to invest in Meta shares.

Features of Meta Stock Trading:

✔️ Code: FB
✔️ Isin: US30303M1027
⚖️ Authorized by: 🇮🇹 CONSOB, 🇪🇺 CySEC, 🇪🇺 FCA,
⚖️ Regulated by: 🇪🇺 ESMA
📈 Market: 🇺🇸 United States
💡 Ideal for: 😇 Beginner Trader and 🔥 Expert Trader
💰 Market Cap: 💰752.001.066.159
💪 Minimum lot: 1.00
💰 Initial capital: It can range from € 10 up to € 500
🏆 Best platforms: 🥇 eToro , 🥉 xtb
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Contents Index

1 How to invest in Meta stocks
2 Buy Meta Stocks with CFD Trading
3 Where to buy Meta shares
4 Best Regulated Online Trading Platforms
5 Buy Meta Shares with XTB
6 Chart and Meta share price
7 Conclusions
8 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
How to invest in Meta stocks
It all started in 2004, the year in which Facebook was founded , the year in which no one expected that through a sharing platform, the Metaverse would be born about 20 years later .

This is precisely the word from which it was born, Meta .

We certainly know that the Metaverse will reach billions of people in just 10 years, creating tens of thousands of jobs.

It is a world in which within it there are different and countless interconnected virtual communities.

It is considered to have its own evolution of connectivity between people, practically you will live the virtual life in the exact same way in which you live the physical life.

Amazing right?

It means that it will be possible to take an online trip, go to museums, buy digital clothing, attend a virtual concert and much more.

The first major change due to the pandemic that led us to work from home, in the middle towards working from home it will be normal since virtual offices will be created in which it will also be possible to bring together employees of companies.

The first platforms that already use a futuristic approach are those that are often used in companies to work on the same but distant theme: zoom, meet, etc.

In any case, it will be a real revolution.

No one would have expected Mark Zuckerberg , as a normal Harvard student today, would announce the Meta platform.

In the eyes of large investors, it is certainly an excellent idea to choose it for their investments.

If Facebook today can count on a capitalization of the value that exceeds 900 billion dollars, think about Meta what results it will achieve.

Now, let’s tackle the central theme of our article, how to buy Meta stocks .

To buy Meta shares you can choose to do:

CFD trading ;
Buying shares in the bank.
Buy Meta shares with CFD trading
One of the two alternatives to buy Facebook shares is to trade by choosing a CFD broker.

It is a safe system that is based on contracts for difference, financial instruments that offer the possibility to speculate on the price trend of a share (or not).

You will not buy Meta shares directly, but you will speculate on its movements in the stock charts.

You don’t really get hold of the asset like you do when you buy stock in a bank.

But this is a positive side!

You can invest with CFDs on the Meta stock, opting for a forecast of the stock that can have two “outcomes”: upward and “downward”.

Basically if you expect the Meta stock price to rise, you will have to buy (go long ). Conversely, if you believe the price will go down then you will have to sell (go short ).

However, this is a “short sale” because you can sell it even if you don’t really own the shares, as we mentioned initially.

One of the advantages of trading CFDs is to invest at zero commissions, which is not the case by investing in a bank.

Generally, you will only have to think about the spread that will be applied every time you start a new trading operation.

Where to buy Meta shares
To buy Meta shares through CFD trading , you need to contact a trading broker. Each of them has trading platforms offered for free by the same broker that allow you to trade online on the major financial markets in the world.

The first step is definitely to start with opening a personal account. Before proceeding, check if the broker you have chosen is safe and certified by the main regulatory bodies, such as CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and CONSOB (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange).

Then check that it offers excellent assistance and congenial and intuitive trading systems based on your level of training.

Today’s brokers allow you to invest in Meta shares with a few tens of euros. This is why many prefer CFD trading to bank investment. We advise you to take a look and evaluate the platform that best suits your needs.

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