Earn money from Facebook : Facebook Monetization Eligibility

Earn money from Facebook : Facebook Monetization Eligibility

One of these pages, with thousands of fans, is a real treasure that can be exploited. Facebook is a social network that allows and stimulates users to share content of interest to them with friends, but what makes the service possible is to show advertisements to be able to earn money from facebook , but of course not the users.

However, it is possible to make an income by properly managing a Facebook fan page, but it requires a lot of effort and passion, perseverance and dedication, like any project in real life.

Creating revenue opportunities with popular social networks , including Facebook , is of course possible, although many users, even veterans, may often think otherwise. The vast catchment area, and the time that more and more subscribers spend browsing pages (official and unofficial), links, videos of friends can be transformed into an excellent earning opportunity, monetizing the clicks received based on visits, significantly increasing these latest.

Requirements for earning money on Facebook


  • The first requirement is to create a Facebook page also called “Fan Page”.
  • For this you need to have a Facebook account and a profile page.
  • With the Fan Page or Fan Pages, it is relatively easy to get fans or followers.
  • Fans are not friends, users become fans or followers by clicking the Like button on one of these pages.
  • From that moment on, some of them will receive our publications.
  • You need to create our page or pages (there may be several) with a theme focused on a specific industry related to the topic we will be sharing.
  • It is also possible to convert a profile page into a Fan Page.
  • Next, we should start posting and sharing cool stuff for a reasonable time before promoting it.
  • We clarify that the purchase of followers for a Fan Page does not bring any benefit, on the contrary it decreases the average of the interaction and therefore automatically the Facebook algorithm decreases the reach of the publications of the page.


All the ways to earn money with a fan page

There are thousands of different ways to make money with a fan page.

Below we suggest only the most commonly used methods, but it depends on each person, the content they share, their followers and the experience they gain over time.

1- Make money on Facebook by selling products

One of the easiest ways to make money, which doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or strategy, is to sell our products.

They can be any digital product such as electronic books (eBooks, manuals, tutorials, etc.), as well as services of all kinds.



We just need to upload a nice image with a description and link for payment via PayPal.

You need to be very careful because followers don’t like being flooded with advertising.

2- Make money on Facebook with mentions

Many small businesses or businesses don’t have a Facebook presence and pay for it to be featured on popular pages.

This is an alternative option for obtaining additional income.

3- Make money on Facebook by promoting affiliate products

One of the methods that allows you to make money easily is by using affiliate platforms and sharing publications with links to products that our followers may be interested in.

For this there are several companies on the net.

All you have to do is register on one of their sites and choose a product that may be relevant to your followers.

They will give you a code which will be a link with your Affiliate ID.

When a person clicks on the link and purchases a product or service, you will be paid a commission.

Then create a post on your Fan Page with your affiliate link.

Practical advice

✓ Find a product on one of the affiliate platforms related to what you publish and that suits your audience.

✓ Create a post associated with the link.

✓ Check the reaction of your followers and see how many likes you get in the first minutes or hours, the perfect index that you will know over time based on the number of followers.

✓ Wait for the result of conversions (people clicking on the links), you can find out with the Facebook Insights statistics tool.

✓ If the result is good, continue with that product, but look for something different.

Success with this system depends on many factors, but mainly there are two: the number of followers and the product that fits, also affects the attractiveness of the publication.

There are different types of affiliate programs and each has a different system.

The most popular are:

  • Payment per conversion (percentage of the sale of a product).
  • Pay per click (for the number of visitors referred).
  • Payment via form (by completing a form on the destination site).
  • Which affiliate platform to choose?
  • There are currently thousands of affiliate services that act as links between the companies offering the products and those they publish on the Internet.



4- Make money on Facebook by sending visitors on a blog with AdSense


If you are not planning to invest in hosting (storage service), the only option is to create a blog in Blogger.

The system doesn’t work that fast, but it works.

It is necessary to create the blog and the Facebook page and post interesting content in both, connect them and only after a few months ask Google for the AdSense service.

The blog post links we share on Facebook should encourage fans to click on the image that will be posted to the blog.

It requires a lot of patience, commitment and determination, but it is totally doable.

The method seems absurd, but it is the one employed by Viralnova.com, a famous blog that in just 8 months managed to reach 200 million daily visitors, attracting them with a Facebook page that already has more than a million fans.

Monthly income is hundreds of thousands of dollars with AdSense.

All done by one person and two working part time.

It’s just an isolated case, but I always cite it as an example of what can be achieved online with ideas, tenacity and a little luck.

With the same system , there are currently tens of thousands of blogs and websites and they are perfectly profitable.

5- Make money by selling a Facebook page

The last option is to create pages to sell them, several people are dedicated to this task and it is a very profitable business.

An entire market has been created around the Fan Page and there are hundreds of people willing to buy one for a local business.

Scope of publications on Facebook

  • On Facebook, publications reach our followers in a completely different way than on Twitter and a blog or website.
  • On a blog or website, readers see the full content of the post we publish.
  • On Twitter, publications reach all of our followers, but quickly disappear from their timeline, even more so if they follow different accounts.
  • In Facebook the publications reach only a part of our followers, which Facebook decides, the rest completely ignores that we have published something new.
  • The percentage of people our posts reach is called “reach”.
  • It differs based on shared content and the initial interaction it elicits. In practice, publications with images reach more fans.
  • Currently average reach is 8%, so if your fan page has 1000 followers, Facebook will only send 80 people to a new post.

6- Use specialized platforms in calculating and monetizing the clicks received.

  • Let’s start with PRClick , an online platform capable of attributing a specific value to each click, which includes among its objectives the generation of a successful word of mouth among users to increase virality and consequently the number of clicks on a link, disclosing it with the majority of the online tools available today, starting from viral videos , to get to traditional emails and blogs, bringing the new Web 2.0 to be the protagonist.

PRClick’s motto is “to be a public relations manager ” for the Internet, receiving from 3 to 6 cents per click, which are increased by subscribing to specific campaigns in which bringing new users to the platform generates bonuses of up to several tens of dollar.



What are Facebook In-Stream Ads?

Facebook in-stream ads are nothing more than short ads – pre-roll, mid-roll and with images – lasting a few seconds inserted during the video (a bit like on YouTube).

This feature has been around for just over a year, but it’s only recently becoming ‘known’ thanks to the very high CPM.


To check your page’s eligibility for in-stream ads, go to this page .

If you see a message that your page is not yet eligible for advertisements, there are some requirements you need to meet.

Here are the requirements to monetize your videos on Facebook :

  • Your page must be adhering to Facebook’s guidelines.
  • Your page must have at least 10,000 followers.
  • Your page must have reached one of these milestones in the past 60 days: 15,000 interactions;
  • 180,000 minutes of viewing on all your videos; o 30,000 1-minute views on 3-minute or longer videos.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • If your page is eligible for Facebook in-stream ads, here’s how to start monetizing videos that are at least 3 minutes long.

How to monetize videos on Facebook

You can easily set up and manage everything through Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Go to Creator Studio and choose the ‘Monetization‘ section in the menu on the left, then choose the Facebook page you want to monetize.

  • Next you will need to set up payment receipt and enable automatic ad placement in your videos published in the last 30 days.
  • All this, of course, after receiving approval from Facebook which is usually quite fast.
  • Choose where to place advertisements in your video content


Facebook allows you to choose ad placement. You can make this choice in the monetization settings. There are two options:

  • Allow Facebook to automatically insert ads that have a natural 1 to 2 second pause in your videos (recommended).
  • Choose yourself Facebook will have to place the ads. If you choose this option you can check the box that allows Facebook to adjust the breakpoint of the ad by 10 seconds: then when the user can click on ‘Skip ad’ after, for example, 3 or 4 seconds. This will optimize the experience of your followers.
  • Create videos optimized for monetizing Facebook in-stream ads
  • Every video you post on your Facebook page will automatically go through a review process.
  • This check starts the moment your video is published. In fact, during this process, you may have a limited CPM until the video is approved.

If your video gets more than 25 views in the first 10 minutes of posting, it will have a higher priority and will be reviewed faster.

The review process can take up to 48 hours, but is typically much faster. The status of each video is displayed in the Creator Studio menu dedicated to monetization.

Note that not all 3-minute videos can be monetized. Read the Facebook Content Monetization Policy carefully so you don’t make any mistakes.

Most importantly, it creates original videos .

Facebook does not like copyright infringement and, above all, does not allow monetization on videos repurposed from other sources (for example, downloaded from YouTube).

Then create original content based on the topic of your page and that your followers can like.

Remember, the more videos you like, the more they get engagement, the higher your earnings will be.

Make money with videos on Facebook, but how much?

Are you ready to make money with videos on Facebook , but how to check the revenue? To check the statistics of your videos and earnings you can always do it through the Creator Studio.

In this section you can see your most viewed videos, earnings and 1 minute view rate on videos.

The gain depends on two factors:

  • CPM (cost per thousand)
  • Ad views
  • CPM depends on the geographic location of the users watching the video.


Ready to make money with Facebook videos?

Earning with videos on Facebook can be very profitable for those who create a lot of content, and can be a valid alternative to YouTube .

If your page is not yet eligible for in-stream ads, follow the steps I listed above and meet the minimum requirements to apply.



Making money with Facebook: Illegal methods

The last section of this article, we decided to dedicate it to illegal methods, when you see something similar online, report it to Facebook or whoever is responsible, to prevent someone from falling into these traps.

There are several illegal methods to make money with Facebook , the one that has spread the most over the years has the typical American style of the message “find out how I managed to earn more than 1000 euros a month on Facebook without doing anything, sign up here”.

Generally you are asked to make a small payment via PayPal to get all the instructions, which, for those who want to know, are: Resell this system, get paid and send this email.


Pages promoting absurdity: practical example “If you also want facebook not to pay, please like our page” (pages dedicated to fake animals, pages dedicated to the economic crisis, …), in this way the number of I like the page and then sell the content publication within the page itself. This system was used a lot before Facebook decided to drastically reduce the number of people within a page viewing the published content (in this regard, an article dedicated to the Greenpeace Italy message against the decline in message views is interesting. read Greenpeace uk,usa,italy against the Facebook algorithm ).

A similar system to the last one we talked about is to sell these pages that have collected several likes. Generally the pages are paid around 2 euros for every 100 subscribers.

Resale of numerous / cloned fan pages: there are some “black” systems that allow you to clone pages and sell them. Cloned pages generally have millions of likes / fans, but once Facebook finds the page, it closes it immediately. You lost money, whoever sold you the page earned it.

These are some of the illegal methods that allow some crafty to make money illegally with Facebook … But it is also possible to earn money with Facebook seriously, using the social network to its full potential.

Before closing this article, I also share a 2-minute video in which a series of useful tips are listed to improve interactions on your Facebook page, enjoy.


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