GetResponse: What It Is And How To Implement It In An Email Marketing Strategy

Among the many email marketing platforms on the market, one of my favorites is undoubtedly GetResponse , a tool that goes beyond the classic auto-responder since it is a real all-in-one marketing platform .

In addition to creating automatic emails , in fact, with GetResponse you can create real sales funnels , monitor your e-commerce in detail, recover abandoned carts but also do webinars or paid advertisements.

A truly incredible tool that I have already implemented in some of my projects and that I will probably implement soon in this blog as well.

So if you have a blog, an e-commerce or a social community that follows you, GetResponse can really be the tool that will make a difference in your business.

And in this guide I want to introduce it to you and show you its features so that you can evaluate if it is the tool you are looking for.

Let’s begin? Let’s begin!😄

⚠️Before starting reading, I also recommend that you download the Checklist to create a successful blog : in addition to the checklist you will also receive a free course to create a blog from scratch and start monetizing it in 7 days , in which I reveal the strategies that I have used both for this blog you are reading and for dozens of my clients’ blogs.
Creating a mailing list is one of the most important things for a blog.

The reason is simple: it’s the only traffic you own.

In fact, think if tomorrow he closed Facebook, Instagram or if you had problems with your website. Your contact list is the only thing you have left. This is why it is important to create one right away.

And GetResponse was born just like an email marketing tool . Said in the simplest (and simplistic) way possible, it is a tool for creating a contact list and sending them emails.

Over time, however, its features have increased dramatically , becoming an all-in-one marketing platform, through which you can not only send emails but also make an in-depth analysis of the user journey, i.e. the path that a user takes. from when it enters your blog until the final purchase (and beyond).

When it comes to email marketing , it is therefore very important to choose an effective tool. In spite of what many marketers claim, in fact, email marketing is not dead at all (indeed, I would say that it is perfectly fine).

To give you a concrete example, almost 87% of the income I produce with my blog comes from emails. This is exactly what we mean when we say that money is on the list .

A rich list of email contacts, especially if in target and interested in what you propose, is in fact still an excellent method to monetize a blog .

The money is in the list 💰SHARE THE TWEET
From this, it is therefore clear that choosing the best email marketing tool is not only used to send your daily, weekly or monthly newsletter, but above all to analyze data and results so as to constantly optimize your work, send more and more content. relevant and increase your earnings.

And GetResponse is a tool completely in Italian that helps you achieve exactly these results. So let’s see what its main features are and how to use it (or try it now for free for 30 days ).

The main features of GetResponse
getresponse functionality
As mentioned above, GetResponse’s features have multiplied year after year. Here are all its main ones and how to use them.

Email marketing
getresponse email marketing
The main function of GetResponse is – obviously – to send emails.

You can send a single email to your entire list of contacts, for example to notify them of a news or a promotion, or create a sequence of emails that are automatically started.

But how do automatic emails work? I’ll give you a practical example.

If you have downloaded my blog checklist , you will automatically receive a 7 day blogging mini-course. It means that for 7 days, you will automatically receive an email a day with a new lesson.

Obviously, I don’t do it manually but I set the autoresponder so that when the chacklist is downloaded, the first email and the following ones start automatically after 24 hours. This situation then arises:

DAY 1: Subscribed A – Email 1
DAY 2: Subscriber A – Email 2 / Subscriber B – Email 1
DAY 3: Subscriber A – Email 3 / Subscriber B – Email 2
… and so on.

This can be created quite easily with GetResponse by going to the top menu and clicking on Create> Create autoresponder .

Autoresponder GetResponse
You can then decide whether to create your email from scratch or use one of the ready-made templates , which you can customize with your message, your images and your colors in a very simple way thanks to the drag-and-drop function that allows you to drag the elements. you want to include in the email.

Another interesting feature of GetResponse is that of being able to create customized segments by assigning tags and scores based on the behavior of the contacts, in order to always be able to understand “who is on the other side” and therefore always send the right content. to the right person.

You can also deliver emails based on your users’ preferred time thanks to a feature called Perfect Timing , which analyzes when subscribers are most likely to open their emails.

getresponse drag and drop
Also, unlike many email marketing tools that send emails that end up in spam, GetResponse ensures 99% deliverability .

🔴 Try GetResponse for free

Landing page
getresponse landing page
Another feature of GetResponse is the ability to create highly personalized landing pages , capable of capturing attention, converting traffic into leads and leads into buyers.

As in the case of emails, even with landing pages you can decide whether to create an email starting from a blank page or use one of the many templates already present in the GetResponse archives.

The most exciting thing about GetResponse landing pages is the ability to create A / B tests . Through the A / B test you can create two identical pages that differ in a particular. It could be the header , the color of a button, the landing text… whatever you want.

By launching the A / B test, both pages will be displayed to users and at the end of the test you will be shown the winning page , that is the one that gets the most clicks or conversions, which you can keep or use as a “base” for a new A / B test.

getresponse landing page a:b test
This way you can make sure you are always optimizing your results, based on your goals.

On the landing page you can insert texts, images, GIFs but also popup windows and forms, as well as the possibility of inserting a timer with a countdown , in order to offer a sense of urgency and encourage them to click or buy.

You can also integrate your landing page with numerous tools and services, such as the Facebook Pixel , Google Tag Manager but also WordPress , PayPal , Stripe , WooCommerce and dozens of others.

🔴 Try GetResponse free for 30 days

Marketing automation
getresponse marketing automation
Through Marketing Automation you can create a real path for your users based on their interests and behaviors.

Based on their actions, in fact, you can assign a tag or move them to another branch of the path . Therefore, if a user often clicks on a certain product category, clicks a specific link or adds items to the cart but does not finish the purchase, you can send specific emails.

This way, each user will always receive the most relevant message based on their position in the sales funnel so that your emails are always relevant.

Here are some examples of Marketing Automation you can create.

Nurturing . You can create a welcome email, start a conversation with your users, tell your story, present your products and promote your offers
Recommend the most suitable products. Automation records user preferences and sends personalized product recommendations based on their purchase history
Recover lost sales. You can send reminders to customers to remind them to finish purchasing the products left in the cart
Behavioral Targeting. You can track and rate user actions on your website, landing pages and messages to send more relevant emails or assign them to specific segments.
🔴 Try GetResponse free for 30 days

Conversion funnel

Another feature of GetResponse that fascinated me is the conversion funnel , a feature that allows you to create automated structured paths with the aim of transforming leads into customers.

You can use dozens of ready-made funnels to acquire new leads ( lead funnels ), possibly through the use of a lead magnet , but also create a sales funnel or a webinar funnel through which you can distribute your free or paid webinars .

And the webinar funnels are in my opinion the flagship of GetResponse.

The webinars are a very powerful tool because they allow you to really offer a great value to your users, and have much higher conversion rates than many other sales techniques.

Through a webinar you can talk about an interesting topic for your niche , tell a case study or present a new product service, giving your users the opportunity to buy directly online.

There are numerous platforms for doing webinars , the most famous and probably one of the best is EverWebinar .

webinar funnelBut if you want to keep costs down, then through GetResponse you can also create both live and on demand webinars and create special funnels to promote your webinar, collect payments for access or invite you to purchase a product or service in the following days.

Creating a new webinar is super easy. Just go to the GetResponse menu and click on Webinar.

From here you can choose whether to launch a live webinar , an evergreen webinar that users can watch at a certain point in their path or recall, edit or delete previous webinars.

Webinar GetResponse
Through GetResponse you can :

organize unlimited webinars
collect payments before login if it is a paid webinar
create webinars with up to 1,000 attendees
add more speakers
save up to 20 hours of recording
customize the webinar URL
share your pc screen, perfect for lessons and tutorials
add a call to action button
launch polls
analyze all the data and results obtained, in order to constantly optimize your work.
Paid listings
getresponse advertisements
Another unique feature of GetResponse is the ability to design, launch, analyze and optimize sponsored campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads as well as retargeting, that is to “rethink” all the people who have visited our pages without doing a purchase.

Through the Social Ads Creator you can create all your ads in a simple way, both starting from scratch and using the free templates in the archive.

and the perfect thing is that all contacts will then automatically be updated directly on GetResponse, without having to use third-party tools, such as Zapier.

In the video below you can see how to use the Social Ads Creator .

🔴 Try GetResponse free for 30 days


Integrations with GetResponse
getresponse integrations
You can integrate GetResponse with over 100 third-party tools: analytics tools, social media, CRM, CMS and e-commerce so that your entire structure is perfectly aligned.

You can check all possible integrations here .

How to activate a 30 day free trial
getresponse gratis
You have read this guide and you understand that GetResponse is the tool for you . What to do now?

Very simple: just create an account and you can try the tool for free for 30 days. All you need is your email and you don’t have to enter your credit card details to activate the free trial.

>> Click here, create your free account and try GetResponse for free for 30 days

How much does GetResponse cost?
GetResponse can be used for free for 30 days, after which you will need to choose one of the paid plans.

There are 4 plans that are paid based on the size of your list:

BASIC , starting from € 13 per month
PLUS , starting from 45 € per month
PROFESSIONAL , starting from 89 € per month
MAX , customized prices.
If you decide to take a long-term plan, you will also receive a discount: -18% for annual plans ( € 10.66 / month ) and -30% ( € 9.10 / month ) for two-year plans.

Getresponse prices
The difference between the plans is in the number of features available. If you’re starting out and still have a small list, the BASIC plan is more than enough to get you started.

However, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time if you find you need different features.

>> Try GetResponse free for 30 days

Why choose GetResponse
As you can see, what fascinated me about GetResponse is the fact that it is not just a simple email marketing tool but a real all-in-one marketing tool .

So here is my (very personal) list of pros and cons of this tool.

✅It has a large number of features

✅It is reasonably priced compared to other email marketing platforms

✅It has a 30-day free trial , during which you can try the tool and decide if it is suitable for our business

✅The ‘ customer support is active in chat 24h24

✅The provisions in accordance with the GDPR are integrated

✅It can be integrated with numerous tools .

❌ Not all features are available with the basic plan

❌ It is quite intuitive but you have to “get carried away”

>> Try GetResponse free for 30 days

The best alternatives to GetResponse
If GetResponse hasn’t convinced you and you are looking for a different tool, then here are some very good alternatives.

This is not meant to be a complete list but is simply based on my experience (this is because if you have been following me for a while you know that I don’t do guides and how-tos on tools that I don’t use myself).

active campaign homepage
ActiveCampaign is undoubtedly one of my favorite tools for email marketing, partly because it is the first email marketing tool I have started using since I have been involved in digital marketing and therefore it is also one of the tools I know how to use best.

If you are subscribed to the newsletter of this blog , you will have noticed that I use this tool.

With Active Campaign you can create truly incredible sales funnels, creating personalized paths for each user based on their interests and behaviors. All in a completely automated way.

You can also manage all your contacts who have subscribed to your newsletter, create reports to see which contacts are most active, which emails are opened the most and which links have been clicked.

Among the PROs , certainly ActiveCampaign is one of the most complete email marketing tools that allows incredible segmentation and a truly capillary analysis of the users’ journey and their behavior.

Among the CONS , it has a fairly high price compared to other similar tools, even if it is true that it allows a segmentation of contacts and the creation of an unparalleled sales funnel.


Another email marketing tool perfect for a blog is AWeber , one of the world’s leading email marketing tools with 20 years in business and over 100,000 active customers.

AWeber should be your first choice if :

You just started a blog and this is your first email marketing tool
You want a complete, simple and inexpensive tool to start collecting leads
If you don’t need to create complex sales funnels like you can with Active Campaign
Sending emails with AWeber is very simple and you have complete customization even of the layout. You can send both campaigns, i.e. emails that you write on the spot and send to the entire contact list, and automations, such as automatic emails that are sent, for example, when a person subscribes to the newsletter.

AWeber also offers an impressive number of visually appealing email templates that you can use to send your newsletter, as you can see from this screenshot below.

>> Click here to try AWeber for free


Another high-performance tool that I use for many of my projects is Sendinblue, an email marketing tool that you can use completely free of charge .

If you want to know this tool in more detail, read my Sendinblue guide : 14 features that make it one of the best email marketing tools .

Otherwise, create an account now and start using it for free .

Final reflections
I hope this guide has shed some light on GetResponse features.

My advice, however, is to create an account and start using it for free so that you can test for yourself if GetResponse is really the tool for you.

And if you have other questions, feel free to write me below in the comments.

Happy blogging!

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