How to delete emoji from iphone

Do you happen to activate the emoji keyboard while writing an important message? Do you want to replace the standard smileys on your iphone with new, cuter emojis? Today let’s see how to delete emojis from iphone or iPad in a few very simple steps. Are you ready? Let’s begin…

Yes, emojis are nice but as we have already seen for wordpress if you use your iPhone professionally or have an iPad that you use for work, it may be necessary to remove the emoji keyboard to prevent smileys from activating while typing an important message. . Fortunately, the icons used so much in messages are actually an additional keyboard in the operating system and as such more easily be deleted or replaced. Let’s see how …

Delete emojis from iphone

The procedure is really simple. Just follow these steps. First open the settings screen.

Now from the list of features search and select the General item which contains all the specific settings for the iOs device

A list will appear with several items and the one you need to select is Keyboards . The image may be different from the one shown below because with subsequent versions of iOs some details may have been changed but you just need to look for the entry relating to system keyboards.

Once you enter the keyboards screen, a list of all the keyboards installed in your device will appear. You will be able to find keyboards related to different languages ​​if some app has installed a keyboard other than the system one in your device, but what you need to look for is the Emoji keyboard as in the image below.

Now to delete emoji from iphone simply click on the edit button at the top right, click on the red button for the keyboard to be deleted and click on Finish as indicated by the arrow.

At this point the eMoji keyboard will no longer be visible when you need to type text from any app. If you want to add it again, the procedure is just as simple. Also from the keyboards setting screen, just click on the delete emoji from iphone button (in some versions there is the + button), select the Emoji keyboard from the list and click on finish.


As you can see, deleting emojis from iphone is really simple and in certain contexts it can be useful. Unfortunately, however, some apps do not use the system keyboard but have one inside them, therefore it may happen that in that specific app the Emojis are still visible. 

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