How to display the seconds in the Windows clock

Today we see a really simple trick to customize the windows interface . I’m talking about how to display the seconds in the windows clock which is present to the right of the taskbar. It’s a really quick and easy trick that doesn’t require any software to be installed. Let’s see how to do it …


Customizing the Windows interface is one of the things that make our PC unique. There are many guides to change the look of the desktop, some that limit themselves to setting backgrounds taken from the web in rotation, others that go further to even replace the windows interface, still others that even change the start menu.

How to display the seconds in the Windows clock

What we see today is not an extreme customization and does not require invasive software but is limited to displaying the seconds on the Windows clock . It is really simple and it only takes a few clicks.

The first thing to do is to open the registry. The easiest way is to press the WIN + R key combination and type “regedit” in the open box, as in the image below.

once you have opened the registry you have to navigate the menu in the left column to open this key.

Now in the right column all the keys present in that selected branch will appear in alphabetical order. Check that ” ShowSecondsInSystemClock ” is present and if you do not find it click with the right mouse button and add a new DWORD (32 bit) value as in the image below.

As the name of the new key put ShowSecondsInSystemClock and insert the value 1. Now close the Windows configuration log and exit the profile and re-enter… or if you want you can directly restart the computer.

After logging in you will see that the seconds will also appear in the Windows clock. Simple right?


Well, now that you know how to display the seconds in the Windows clock you can start customizing your computer interface with this little hack that doesn’t need any external programs. There are many customizations through the windows registry but if you want to use regedit be very careful because “great powers come with great responsibilities”

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