Earning with google Adsense:

How to make money with Google AdSense: tips for publishers

Make money with Google AdSense:

For those who manage a website there is a free tool that can generate revenue by publishing advertisements on the site itself: it is Google AdSense . The ability to make money this way is a slow process that requires specific skills. In this guide we will discover together what Google AdSense is and How to make money with Google AdSense  thanks to this tool.

What is Google AdSense and how it works

Google itself gives a first concise definition of Google AdSense . The search engine describes its service as: “a simple and free way to earn by showing ads alongside online content”. More concretely, with AdSense, Google empowers publishers to profit from online content , showing site visitors relevant and engaging ads.

The registration is free and without obligation , but to proceed you must have a Google account . Once the affiliation proposal has been launched, the search engine will confirm or reject the registration request within 48 hours.

Google AdSense works by matching advertisements to the website based on the content posted and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers c h and wish to advertise with Google AdSense and thus promote their products. Earnings for publishers vary based on several factors, which we’ll find out later.

First, in fact, it is necessary to specify that publishers can:

  • Choose where to post advertisements;
  • Check the categories of ads allowed;
  • Block unwanted ads;
  • Change the look and feel of text ads to fit the website.

Google itself also checks advertisements to ensure that they are suitable for minors and appropriate for the specific audience of the website where they will be shown.

Among the various types of advertisements that you can use with AdSense are:

  • text ads;
  • display ads;
  • rich media ads;
  • link unit;
  • responsive ads;
  • matched content.

How to make money with Google AdSense

As we have already mentioned above, it is not possible to establish a priori what the earnings will be for those who decide to use this tool, as the revenues are linked to different variables. Specifically, the following factors contribute to influence earnings with Google AdSense:

  • the type of ads published on the pages;
  • the price of the ads published on the pages;
  • the number of AdSense products used.

Google uses an auction system to determine the ads to be displayed on the various pages. Advertisers bid to run their ads on AdSense publisher sites, indicating the price they are willing to pay.

This auction mechanism is used to select the ads to be published on the pages but also to determine the revenue for the publishers. All ads are competed in an auction and Google’s system automatically selects those that can guarantee the highest revenue for the publisher and the best user experience.

Google makes payments to publishers based on clicks made by users on the ad or on the impressions (views) of the published ad, depending on the type of ad itself. The search engine also offers a statistics service that reports the number of clicks and impressions, daily and total revenues.


This is how Google’s service works that allows publishers to show advertisements on their website and monetize the traffic generated by visitors
The web is undoubtedly an excellent resource for finding work and earning money. In fact, from the new Clubhouse program dedicated to creators to the numerous sites for recruiting freelancers , there are so many opportunities available to supplement the salary and, why not, maybe make the web the main source of income. However, for those who manage a website with active traffic that is a simple blog, forum, portal or social network, Google AdSense can be a valid solution to profit.

Google AdSense is a free service that allows you to place ad units – known as banners – within the pages of a website and thus generate revenue based on views and clicks on ads .

To use it you need to complete three basic steps: create a Google account , have a valid postal address and telephone number associated with the bank account on which to receive payments and finally add a portion of code on the website where we want to show the banners. Subsequently, Google AdSense will take care of everything else and show our users the most appropriate but above all the most profitable ads.

In fact, although among the service settings it is possible to choose the type, size and categories of banners, we cannot which specific ad to show to visitors. On the other hand, however, there is an important advantage: since, thanks to an automatic system capable of evaluating the offers launched by advertisers, Google AdSense will choose to publish the most profitable ads on our site, thus allowing us to obtain the maximum profit from the space occupied by an ad unit.

Obviously, everything is governed by very specific rules which specify the contents that a site must not show and the behavior forbidden to publishers: violating these rules, the suspension or definitive closure of the account is envisaged.

How much you earn

It is difficult if not impossible to predict exactly what a website’s potential revenue is. However, within the home page of the program, Google has made available an automatic calculator capable of estimating the revenue that a site could generate simply by specifying the geographical area of ​​reference , the category and the traffic. expressed in monthly page views. In this regard, however, it is always the Mountain View company that specifies to take these amounts with a grain of salt, in fact: There is no promise or guarantee that you will earn this amount. Estimates are based on the content category and geographic area selected. Actual revenue depends on many factors, such as advertiser demand, user location and device, content vertical, seasonality, ad size, and currency exchange rates.

How payments are made

The payment cycle is monthly and, as reported in the frequently asked questions of the service, it is usually issued between the 21st and 26th of the month and if the accrued income exceeds 80 pound. The credit is automatically carried out on the current account specified in your account. In any case, it is always possible to temporarily suspend or change the payment schedule.



Why choose Adsense

On the web you can read all sorts of things: those who tell you that there are more profitable advertising circuits, those who still assert that with Adsense you have to work too much , those who complain that the earnings are no longer what they used to be, and those who just can’t to accept really ridiculous fees per click.

Do you know what beauty is? That each of these things is true .


If you are not careful, and if you do not study the reference ecosystem, you risk throwing away time, money, effort and not even producing 50.00 euros to pay your internet connection bill.

On the other hand, if you are willing to invest your time and mental exercise on the valuable information you will find on the web and I hope in this article as well, trust me that I am convinced you will be able to pay at least your mortgage or house rent.

Why then should you choose Adsense as a form of online income? Let’s see the most important points in my opinion:


Because it is safe . What could be more stable and serious than an advertising circuit with the online services multinational par excellence with over $ 74 billion in revenue declared in 2015?

Why pay on time. Should the world collapse by the 23rd of each month, the transfer from Google is automatic and punctual.

Because it is easy to use and configure . Google provides guides and documentation ranging from simple installation to optimization tips for more experienced users. Precisely for this reason, here I will not bother explaining basic elements such as registration, account activation and configuration, but I invite you to read and learn the resources made available as a university exam and in the meantime strive to think and understand how to do in order to make money. with Google Adsense.

Because, let it be said, there are still unexplored niches and sectors that can be profitable
Because if you have strategy , method but also luck you can generate a more or less passive economic income for life thanks to Google banners.

Ultimately, I am convinced that despite everything, there are even more positives than negatives that should entice you to study and do everything to monetize thanks to Adsense.

Negative aspects and most common mistakes

I told you a little while ago that many people complain that they cannot make money with Adsense or worse, they no longer succeed as they were able to do until a few five years ago.

Do you no longer make money with Adsense?

Certainly the greater accessibility to technological means, the dissemination of information and many other social and economic variables have brought online many more actors who play-force erode shares of presence, traffic and related advertising spaces. This translates into more competition , and less reward for clicks

Another scourge that unfortunately has been afflicting the sector for years is Adblock, with more and more users who choose to inhibit the display of ads with logical economic repercussions for Blogger and digital publishers.

Earning with Adsense: essential tips to start off on the right foot

If you intend to make your investment profitable (because it is an investment) with Adsense, I have some tips to give you:

Do not expect to earn immediately : between the time and the operations necessary to increase traffic, and the period of testing and optimization of the ads it can take 9-24 months to make the revenue produced by clicks on the ads profitable.
Learn how the Bible rules and rules on quality : know that Adsense is very (but I mean a lot) restrictive and does not compromise on its points. Therefore follow to the letter what is indicated and do not get banned, because you will rarely be given a second chance.

Do not choose sectors that are too crowded , generalist and hyper competitive: trust us, it is completely useless and even if you manage to return to the investment, the time taken will probably not have paid off your efforts.
Sip the penny and keep costs low in the start-up phase: whether you have to delegate tasks to third parties (writers, graphic designers, etc …) or if you have to do everything yourself. In the latter case, time is also and above all money , so always allow yourself room for maneuver that allows you to earn income while you are getting your projects off the ground.

On the other hand, invest in equipment and infrastructures : do not skimp on the purchase of the theme, lean on a stable and performing hosting, and with an excellent customer support service that facilitates your way when I hope you will be forced to upgrade to even more solutions powerful. These are mistakes that many make, and myself made them too.

Buy and study as if there was no tomorrow Copywriting, Html basic level, formatting and UX rules, SEO for Blogging (I’ll tell you too, if you choose to keep following me). Trust me, if you don’t put in the effort, forget it because you’re not going anywhere.

Learn to use WordPress , I assume that will be the platform you will use or are already using for your blog.

Which sectors to choose and which ones to escape from

  • If you believe a secret is revealing you, you are very wrong: just do a cursory search on Google and you will discover that the most profitable niches are (and I believe will always be) those related to economics and finance, hosting and network infrastructures, some sectors. linked to Health and Wellness.
  • Everything is ok, except that, as I have already mentioned above, they are ultra-competitive sectors , where you will have to work hard to emerge and it is not even said that you will succeed if you are not able to overcome the competitive advantage acquired by competitors in the meantime have always become stronger and more famous.
  • In this case, my personal advice is to find and specialize in related micro-sectors , conveying the right time in search of well-defined niches, not generalist and not too crowded, at the same time with acceptable traffic volumes.


Too difficult?!? How long has it been easy to learn a trade and make money?

The positive news is that I can assure you that there are many, but many, sectors where there is still space and others that are totally uncovered .

Then I’ll give you a second piece of advice: assume the choice of a sector where primary skills play a fundamental role , and where not everyone (first and foremost columnists) has the skills and background to develop content suitable for that niche.

Let’s move on to the opposite side, that of the niches where you will hardly be able to get anything unless you make loads of visits, and in my opinion it will always be too little compared to the traffic that you will have been able to produce.

In no uncertain terms, I believe that sectors such as football, entertainment, news and current affairs, culture, and many many others unfortunately are not monetizable enough with the Google advertising system.

Operation Make Money with Adsense: what is the reasoning to do (in my opinion)

  • We have almost reached the end of this guide, but I reiterate a concept revealed at the beginning of everything: I am not able and I am not interested in revealing secrets to you (I am selfish, in case I would have kept them to myself 🙂) but rather let you think about strategies to be undertaken in order to earn with Adsense.
  • I therefore expose you a series of personal and exclusive considerations, the fruit of my experience, which I ask you the courtesy to take as such, freely disavowable by someone better than me, in short, anything but absolute truths.
  • Strategic element to consider is the RPM (if you don’t know what it is, use Google or read the official Adsense documentation). It is clearly determined by the sector of reference, therefore a page dealing with the economy will certainly have a higher RPM than a political news item. What you probably ignore (I did too) is that structural and content elements that are functional to the user experience and capable of generating added value can also benefit RPM. In this sense, a fast and performing site risks being rewarded compared to a slower machine. Still, quality content holds more value than 4-penny articles written with no art or part of it.
  • Still on the subject of content, all (but I mean all) the sites with high RPM that I happened to see had as Core, a didactic intent rather than an informative end in itself. In this sense, I believe that the equation more answers , more help for the user, equal economic value of the page can make sense.
  • Be aware that there is an audience more inclined to click and another that, although it will find the ad hoc for its needs of the moment, will proceed to visit the page of interest without clicking on your ad for the sadistic taste of not recognizing you. the revenue. The technological and IT public fall into this category, while among the more “spendthrifts” we find a public that is uneducated and / or strongly in need of solving a problem (eg health, financial problems)
  • Consider that the banners where investments are generally concentrated are the formats 300 × 250, 336 × 280, 160 × 600, therefore you could / should find advertisers willing to recognize you more clicks.
  • Another awareness that I invite you to do is that people tend to get used to banners . In this sense, get into the habit of making the positioning as natural as possible, proceed to do A / B tests to verify the performance by monitoring the CTR, do not neglect the sets of links that, I can guarantee you, work!

Avoid aggressive placements and fraudulent clicks: if you don’t get banned, you can be sure they will dirty your CTR.
We have come to the end. Over 2000 words to explain what it is and how to generate income thanks to banners made in Google.

I am well aware that the road to winning does not end here with reading this article, and that both you and I should be eating dust before we can increase our profits.

However, I hope that this contribution may have given you food for thought and value able to make you see the issue in a different light, and maybe in a few months we could hear from each other and exchange constructive opinions and criticisms on how useful these tips have been for your projects.

If you like to testify your impressions with a comment, know that it is always welcome. In the meantime, I’ll meet you at the next article on my blog!



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