How to sort WordPress categories

Don’t like the order in which WordPress lists categories and want to change it? Today we talk about this. so let’s see how to sort WordPress categories with a simple free plugin that allows you to change the default order of your blog’s categories. Are you ready? Let’s begin…

WordPress lists the categories in alphabetical order but sometimes it would be better to change this order to organize it in a form that helps visitors find their way around.

Even for the administrator it is sometimes more useful to have the list ordered with a different criterion to facilitate the search and maintenance of the posts.

The plugin I am talking about today is Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order  which, as you can guess from the name, allows you to change the order of categories in WordPress , without manually intervening by changing the code.


How to sort WordPress categories

What I propose today is a free plugin and you can install it directly from the administration panel by searching for Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order  . Its use is really simple because once installed and activated, it adds  a new link  Order of Taxonomy to the Articles menu  as you can see from this image.

By clicking, the list of WordPress categories will appear and you can change their order by simply dragging them with the mouse. It’s really simple and thanks to the AJAX technology with which it was developed, in a few seconds you can sort the categories according to your needs.


As you can see it is really easy to change the order of categories in WordPress without having to enter a single line of code as it was a while ago. I hope I was helpful and as usual I invite you to write a comment below with your impressions, criticisms or recommendations of other plugins useful to this topic.

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