How you can reach up to 55% more customers with your website

The purpose of a website is to attract customers. I’m not telling you anything new. And there are many ways to influence that visitors to a website stay, read, subscribe to the newsletter – or request a quote directly.
Today I am talking about one of the possibilities that is often overlooked and underestimated.

We’re talking about your mobile website. And I mean above all how your website is presented on the smartphones of your potential customers.

Is it clear and easy to read? Are your visitors finding their way around the website well?

Meanwhile, mobile devices have overtaken the desktop screen when it comes to what more people are using to surf the Internet.

According to , the share of mobile devices in all page views in Europe was over 52% in 2020.

When it comes to page impressions worldwide, according to in June 2021 the smartphone was even clearer ahead with 55%. (Around 42% of the world use the desktop and 2.6% use the tablet.)

And I’m sure these numbers for smartphone users will continue to rise. Because more and more people are using smartphones to quickly and easily find the information that will help them solve their problems.
You will not reach these users if your website is not optimized for mobile devices because your page is then not easy to read and scroll.

Watch yourself once while surfing mobile websites

How do you do that when you use your smartphone to look for someone on the web to help you with a problem? For example a tax advisor or another service provider?

Do you take your time, browse here and there, and don’t feel bothered if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away?

Or is it more that you want to know quickly – within seconds – what it is about. And where is the information that interests you most?

If you are, like most website users, you want to know quickly what is good for you reading on.

If you find the answers you need in no time at all, you stay. If not, you quickly jump over to the next provider.

We website visitors are like the bunny in Alice in Wonderland: “No time, no time …”

When you open a website with your smartphone and ask yourself: “What does this website want from me?” – What do you do?

Exactly … we don’t need to talk about it.

This is exactly how your potential customers react.

If you want your mobile website to reach more customers and stand out from the competition then this is for you.

Reading pleasure instead of frustration on your mobile website

If you save your customers time, that means cash for you.


Customers don’t want to scroll back and forth forever to find information. Especially not if you already know exactly what you are looking for. Then they want to see immediately where to click next and where there are answers to their questions. A large “request offer now” button is not enough for customers to inquire via your website.

Your website visitors want to see a lot more:

  • what it brings them to stay (what is “in” for them?)
  • what they can do next to learn more about you and your offering
  • and ultimately what they can do to get in touch with you.

Your potential customers usually do not actively want any of this. It happens subconsciously. And with the right web design tweaks, you can drive visitors through your website.

You help them to quickly understand what your offer is about and why you are the right one to solve their problem.

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