Improve Google ranking: 5 ultimate factors that work immediately

Many experts have a lot of advice on how to improve your Google ranking. However, many experts often mean many different solutions for improving the Google ranking of your website. In this post I would like to show you which methods you can use to improve your Google ranking 100%. For you, Google Ranking Optimization automatically means higher click rates, more traffic, more sales and thus more income.

If a specific term ( keyword ) is searched for on or another search engine , the search results are displayed on the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

The ranking in the search engines means the order of the search results that a search engine outputs on the SERPS after the determined results. The order, the ranking, is determined by each individual search engine such as or and is subject to the search engine operator’s algorithms, which are more or less secret.

A website operator who knows all the algorithms would otherwise easily be able to design his website in such a way that it is always displayed among the first results in the SERPS. This is exactly what the operators of search engines want to avoid with their algorithms. There should be no distortions of competition and the searcher should be presented with the best results of his search query.

In order to still be able to improve the Google ranking for your website, I would like to show you in this post which factors you can use to improve the Google ranking for your website.

As a website or online shop operator, however, you don’t have to feel completely in the dark. Both Google always knows about various factors that you should attach particular importance to if you want to improve your Google ranking. This includes, for example, the quality of the content and the user-friendliness of the website. But different studies have also dealt intensively with the topic of “Google Ranking Optimization”, so that many factors are now known. Nevertheless, this is not a free ticket for top rankings.

The last word in ranking is still up to the search engines and their extensive algorithms.

In this post I would like to introduce you to the 5 most important factors for improving your rankings on Google and explain to you what you should attach particular importance to.

Factor 1 – Keyword Research
In order for you to be able to create content that makes it to the top of the rankings, it is first of all important that you choose the right keyword (search term). Because if the search term does not match your content 100%, Google will not place you in the first place here either.

In my keyword research guide, I will show you in detail what you should pay attention to when choosing a keyword.

This includes, for example:

Assess the competition correctly in order to avoid overly contested keywords

Pay attention to the search volume , because if the search volume is too low, you will hardly attract any visitors.

Consider search intent to choose keywords that match your content with search intent. The user does not want to read a blog post for every keyword. Example: If someone searches for “buy Nike shoes”, the search intention is clear and Google will show the user a shop here. You wouldn’t stand a chance with a blog post on this topic
Factor 2 – content
High quality content that is relevant to your keyword is the be-all and end-all of improving your Google ranking. You should make sure that …

… you create high quality and holistic content. This should inform your readers comprehensively about your chosen topic and ideally not leave any questions unanswered

… your content is up to date. Nothing is worse than out of date information. Therefore, you should also regularly check existing contributions to ensure that they are up to date and, if necessary, correct them or add important new information

… you offer correct information in your content. Steve Jobs was head of Microsoft? Larry Page is the founder of Facebook? Of course not. Incorrect information can have a negative impact on your ranking. Always make sure that you research and verify your information carefully.

Factor 3 – good user experience
One topic that has become more and more important for improving Google ranking in recent years is the user experience.

Google’s first goal is to satisfy the searcher. Not only the quality of the content, but also the general user experience when visiting a page is taken into account.

Specifically, you should attach particular importance to the following factors:

Keep the bounce rate low

There is hardly a more negative signal for the search engines than when a user leaves your website after a few seconds. So make sure that the visitors don’t disappear immediately. You can prevent this, for example, by offering what you promise with your title and meta description in the SERPS on your site . It starts with the fact that the title in the search engine and the heading of your page should be identical, or at least very similar.

Fast loading time

A page loading time that is too long can also result in a high bounce rate. But even Google can view it as negative when a website loads for longer than average. How you can improve your page loading time I’ll show you here .

User friendliness of the site

That your site can be operated perfectly, is visually appealing and content is easy to consume leads to good user-friendliness, the usability . For example, make sure that your texts are easy to read. You should definitely pay attention to a suitable font color, background color, font size and line spacing.

Optimize Google Ranking – Contrast
Improve Google Ranking – Contrast

SSL encryption

For some time now, many browsers have been marking and informing users whether a page is being transmitted encrypted using SSL or not. If this is the case, a green lock is usually displayed in the browser line.

Improve Google Ranking – SSL Secure Chrome
Improve Google Ranking – SSL Encryption – SECURE – Chrome

Improve Google Ranking – SSL Secure Microsoft Edge
Improve Google ranking – SSL encryption – SECURE – Microsoft Edge

If this is not the case, you will receive a message that may look like this, for example:

Improve Google Ranking – SSL Not Secure Chrome
Improve Google Ranking – SSL Encryption – NOT Secure – Chrome

Improve Google Ranking – SSL Not Secure Microsoft Edge
Improve Google ranking – SSL encryption – NOT secure – Microsoft Edge

Factor 4 – internal linking
With the internal linking you not only offer your visitors an easier way to navigate through your website. The crawlers of the search engines can index your website better through structured internal linking . They find their way around your website better and rate it better accordingly.

Factor 5 – Disseminate content
The dissemination of content can also improve a ranking, for example:

Share on the social media platforms

Share your post on your own profiles and encourage others to do the same. So-called “social signals” can have a positive effect on your ranking.

Build backlinks

Even if backlinks have long ceased to have the same importance for search engine optimization as they did a few years ago, high-quality backlinks can help you improve your ranking. My post on building backlinks shows you how to do it correctly.

Generate traffic

Generating traffic does not directly affect the rankings. But it can indirectly help you to support certain ranking factors. For example, a natural backlink build-up can come about or your contribution is shared on social networks. You can find out how you can generate traffic in my detailed article 99 traffic strategies .

Improve Google ranking with 5 factors

Just being in the first place on Google and Co. doesn’t mean that you have that place forever. Google is constantly changing and adding to its algorithms. The competition never sleeps and wants to regain the good rankings.

So that your website, your online shop or your blog remains successful in the SERPS on Google, you should constantly work on the 5 factors.

The keywords and their “strength” are constantly changing. Control how competitive your main keyword and your secondary keywords are. Observe how high the search volume is. Adapt your keywords to the search intentions of your visitors.

There is nothing more boring than constant content. Post new posts, keep your readers updated, and give them the information they are looking for on your website.

The user experience (usability) is becoming more and more important in the evaluation, so it gives your visitors a feeling of well-being when they visit your website. Make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you’ve added new content, don’t forget to adjust the internal linking. With the expansion of your website, the internal linking grows steadily. If you change or delete individual pages, adjust the internal links accordingly so that the links do not become empty.

Keep an eye on social media channels. See which channel is most popular right now. If there is a new popular channel, post your content there.


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