Make Money With Surveys 2021: How It Works, And Where You Make The Most Of

Do you hang on to your smartphone in the evening anyway? Answering a few questions in between times don’t bother you? Excellent! Then making money with surveys is just the thing for you. With this part-time job from home you can earn money with online surveys without any effort (time to travel to and from the place of work) and without costs (travel ticket, fuel).

Earning money with surveys is actually as easy as it sounds: you give your opinion, get money for it and you can earn nice pocket money.

I am consciously speaking of “pocket money” here, because you cannot achieve a full income with paid surveys. But a few hundred euros a month can be in it.
What are paid online surveys?
Paid online surveys are surveys in which the respondent is paid for their answers. These surveys are usually commissioned by companies from market research institutes, which then forward the surveys to suitable users.

How do paid surveys work?
The principle is very simple: market research institutes need a large number of different groups of people in order to be able to carry out market research at all. For this purpose, many institutes have their own platforms where users can register and then take part in surveys.

If you register as a user on such a platform, you usually have to provide very detailed information about yourself after your registration. This includes, for example, age, marital status, occupation, etc. This information is absolutely necessary for the platforms in order to deliver surveys to the appropriate users. If you are not ready to disclose such data, making money with surveys is not the right method for you.

Are you wondering what about the security of your data? Do not worry! At the latest since the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) came into force, personal data must be protected even more strongly. Of course, this also applies to market research institutes. So you don’t need to be afraid of spam or unsolicited advertising. If you want to know exactly what happens to your data, take a look at the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the provider.

After you have entered your details and completed your registration, it is time to wait. A portal does not always have a suitable survey ready for you immediately. As a rule, the portals will inform you by email as soon as a suitable survey is available for you. Therefore you should check your emails regularly, because many surveys only have a short duration of 1 – 2 days.

If you don’t have the time or don’t feel like it, you are of course not obliged to take part in the survey. You are free to decide whether you want to be there or not.

If you would like to take part in the survey, you will usually find a brief note on how you can participate in the email. Often all you have to do is click on a link and you will be directed to the survey.

To make sure that you really fit the target group of the survey, you may have to answer 2 – 3 questions beforehand. If you fit, you will then be redirected to the actual survey.

Once you have completed the survey, the money / points will be automatically credited to you on the platform’s portal. If you want to have this paid out, you must often have reached a threshold of around € 10.

What do you need to make money with surveys?
Internet and a device with which you can go online. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. However, it is ideal if you have both a smartphone and a PC / laptop available, as there are individual surveys that can only be answered via the smartphone or only via a PC / laptop, for example. If you have both, you can take part in all surveys.

What can you earn with paid surveys?
A complete income (2000 € +) is not possible with paid surveys. Nevertheless, you can still earn a nice pocket money of a few hundred euros. How much, of course, depends on your commitment and also on the surveys themselves. If you register with 10 platforms, you can of course take part in more surveys than if you only choose one platform. Surveys are also remunerated differently. For short surveys (around 10-15 minutes) you will usually get between 1 and 3 €, depending on the platform. More time-consuming surveys are of course remunerated higher.

The 20 best platforms for making money from surveys
There is a large selection of platforms to earn money with surveys. But not every platform is really good. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for your payout, hardly get surveys or earn very little.

So that you don’t have to test all platforms for paid surveys yourself, I have taken over the whole thing and would now like to introduce you to the 20 best.

earn money with surveys – test hero
My recommendation: earn money with Testerheld
Testerheld , based in Berlin, is an online platform that carries out tests for online products from larger companies in Germany. You will receive commissions for testing the online products. The commissions will be credited to your PayPal or your bank account within 24 hours.

On Testerheld you will not only find a lot of surveys, but you also have the opportunity to earn money with other activities. This gives you additional variety and allows you to earn more money online faster.

In addition to surveys, you can earn money online at Testerheld:

Test web products
Test apps
Test games
How does tester hero work?

What do you need for it? Just a computer with internet access or a smartphone. Create an account and you can start earning money.

The free registration is done in a few minutes and the first tests of the online products can start immediately after registration. You will earn your first money in just a few minutes.

Every product test is different, but each has a step-by-step guide that is easy and understandable for everyone. So you can successfully complete every product test.

How much can I earn with Testerheld?

After each product test has been completed, your payment will be credited to your account (member account) within 24 hours. If you would like to have the credit paid out, you can have the credit paid out to your PayPal or bank account from a credit amount of 35 euros to your member account.

Here are the highlights of Testerheld summarized:

After registering, you can earn more than € 30 immediately
The commission is credited to your PayPal or bank account within 24 hours
Each test has simple step-by-step instructions
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Earn money with surveys – MoviePanel
My favorite panel: MoviePanel – the cinema market research
Do you also like to go to the cinema and watch the latest blockbusters? Then is your survey panel! In addition to surveys on new films, you also have the opportunity to watch trailers of new films before anyone else and then rate them with your opinion. You will also be asked about advertising for all new films. For example, you will be shown different film posters for a new film and you can use your opinion to decide which of the posters will then be used to advertise the film. Another type of survey is which film will even make it into theaters. So decide what the cinema program of tomorrow will look like.

Earn money with surveys – MoviePanel – Premium partner
How does MoviePanel work?

As with all other panels, the first step is registration. But this is super easy and should be done within a few minutes. You confirm the registration with a code that you will be sent to the email address on file. If you are registered, the first 20 bonus points are waiting for you to fill out your personal profile. If you have answered all the questions, they will be credited directly to your account.

Earn money with surveys – MoviePanel – 20 bonus points
You can register when you have reached the age of 16 and reside in Germany.

How much can I earn with MoviePanel?

For each completed questionnaire, MoviePanel will credit your account with points. Here, too, the number of points depends on the complexity of the survey. So if a survey takes longer, there are more points. You can then redeem these points for vouchers from your favorite cinema or, for example, a voucher from Amazon. You can see how many points you have at any time in your profile under “My MoviePanel”. For 250 points you get a voucher from Amazon worth 5 euros and if you have collected 350 points, nothing stands in the way of your next visit to the cinema at CineMaxx, CinePlex or UCI.

Earn money with surveys – MoviePanel – 75 bonus points
TIP: If you collect 500 points and want to have a larger selection of vouchers, you can redeem a voucher worth 10 euros for your bonus points at . There you will find vouchers from over 500 online shops such as Otto, H&M or IKEA.

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Make money with surveys at swagbucks
Especially if you want to earn money online as quickly as possible, I can only recommend swagbucks .

On this platform you have not just one, but 6 different ways to earn money. These include paid surveys, watching videos or playing online games. With this you can earn a lot more in just one day.

swagbucks is my tip when it comes to making money with surveys. In addition to surveys, you will also find other ways to earn money here.

This is how you can earn money online at swagbucks in addition to surveys :

Search the web
Play online games
Download apps
Participate in testing programs
Watch videos
By the way:

I also have a detailed test for swagbucks:

Click here for the swagbucks test .

How does swagbucks work?

swagbucks is a platform where you can earn points for various activities. These include, for example, surveys, watching videos or playing games. You will receive points for every survey, video or game you watch. How many, you will be told at the beginning. These points are called “SB” and 1 SB is worth 1 cent. So if you have collected 100 SB, you have earned € 1.00.

How much can i earn with swagbucks?

That depends entirely on your commitment. The more activities you do, the more money you can of course earn. For simple surveys, you can earn up to 3 euros per survey. But there are surveys for which you can earn more money online.

The payout threshold is 5 euros and is paid out via your PayPal account.

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to my test report
BONUS VIDEO – earn money with surveys! Is it really worth it?

Decision-making club
Earn money with the Decision Club
On the online panel from the Decision Club, everything revolves around paid online surveys and market research. The decision-making club conducts surveys and market research for companies when a product is launched, a product is established or a needs analysis is carried out.

This means that product improvements and inquiries about specific products can be queried and investigated. The Decision Club analyzes and researches the market for its customers and evaluates the data accordingly.

Decision maker club – overview
How does the Decision Club work?

You can read about exactly how the Decision Club works in my detailed blog entry Decision Club.

In a nutshell: You can become a member of the Decision Club by registering on the website. All you need to do is enter your name and an email address and assign yourself a password. You can find everything else about registration here .

At the Decision Club you will find a wide variety of paid surveys. After registering, you first fill out a general questionnaire about yourself and then you will be assigned appropriate surveys.

How much can I earn with the Decision Club?

Depending on which survey you take part in, how much effort (time) the survey takes and how complex the questions are, you can get up to 3 euros for a survey.

By the way, you can also earn money quickly if you tell your friends about the Decision Club. If a friend of yours registers and takes part in at least one survey, you will receive € 1.

In contrast to other platforms, the Decision Club does not work with a points system but tells you directly how much you earn with the relevant survey. This ensures the best possible transparency.

The payout threshold is 10 euros, which will be credited to your bank account when you pay out.

to the decision-making club
Great decision-maker club test report
Earn money with surveys – TrendsetterClub
Earn money with online surveys at the TrendsetterClub
On the panel of the TrendsetterClub , surveys are conveyed from market and opinion research to people who enjoy online surveys. At the TrendsetterClub, you and your honest opinion are the focus! The TrendsetterClub, like the decision-maker club, is run by the trustworthy and professional market research experts GapFish GmbH, who are based in Berlin. Of course, all provisions of the DSG-VO and all other provisions of market research to protect your data and your privacy are observed. In addition, the TrendsetterClub has ISO certification according to the international standard ISO 26362.

With the TrendsetterClub you have another great opportunity to earn money with surveys.

How does the TrendsetterClub work?

As with the decision-maker club, you first have to log in or register on the panel of the TrendsetterClub . Even if you are already a member of the Decision Makers Club, you can also become a member of the Trendsetter Club. The only requirements are that you are at least 14 years old and reside in Germany. Registration and membership is completely free and voluntary for you. If you want to end your TrendsetterClub membership, you can do this in your profile at any time without giving a reason.

After you have registered, you will receive invitations to surveys and product tests by email. The emails contain invitation buttons or links with which you can then take part in the surveys directly. However, you also have the option of accessing surveys in your profile at any time and selecting surveys that you would like to participate in. Now you have to answer the survey – be honest and don’t give fake answers.

You will answer the surveys within 2 to 20 minutes and you will receive around 5 surveys per month.

Earn money with surveys – TrendsetterClub
How much can I earn with the TrendsetterClub?

With the panel from the TrendsetterClub you will be rewarded with TrendPoints for every completely answered survey. All TrendPoints you collect can then be converted into cash or rewards. For a transfer to your account, you have to enter a bank account (IBAN) in your profile.

How many TrendPoints you are rewarded with for a survey depends on 4 essential facts:

You will be rewarded with 20 TrendPoints for every survey that is started and answered in full
Answer the 1st survey within 24 hours and you will be rewarded with 20 TrendPoints
The longer a survey is, the more additional TrendPoints you will be rewarded
Spin the wheel of fortune and you will be rewarded with the TrendPoints displayed
Complete your profile at TrendPoints and you will be rewarded with additional TrendPoints
In addition to transferring the TrendPoints to your account, you can also exchange your TrendPoints for vouchers from Amazon. This voucher is then valid for 10 years and you can redeem it on Amazon.

The payout threshold is 10 euros, which will be credited to your bank account when you pay out.

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Make Money From Surveys Pinecone Research
Paid surveys at Pinecone Research
Pinecone is one of my favorites when it comes to paid surveys, you earn a maximum of 15-20 minutes with each survey. So you can quickly earn a nice penny, which you can then cash out in cash or exchange for a bonus.

Pinecone Research is a trusted leader when it comes to making money from surveys. By taking part in the online surveys, your opinion will influence the products of tomorrow. Companies want your opinion in order to bring new and / or improved products to market. And for that you will also be rewarded.

How does Pinecone Research work?

Pinecone Research is an exclusive online panel and, unlike any other online survey panel, you cannot log in or register through the website. You will either receive an invitation or a special link that you can use to register. Pinecone Research does not accept new members on an ongoing basis.

PineCone Research Banner
You can sign up for Pinecone Research immediately using this exclusive link .

Now Pinecone Research is not that different from other portals. You will be offered surveys from a wide variety of areas which you can then fill out online. You will usually receive this by email. After completing the form, you will receive your reward / payment in the form of points on your account at Pinecone Research.

In addition to surveys, it can also happen that you are offered product tests from time to time. Here you will be provided with new or revised products, which you should then evaluate using a special questionnaire.

How Much Can I Make From Pinecone Research?

You collect points for every survey you complete. You can then redeem these points for cash or prizes / vouchers.

There is virtually no payout limit here, because you can have your earnings paid out from as little as € 1. With this you can request your first payment after a survey.

to Pinecone Research
Mobrog – Make Money With Surveys
Earn money with surveys at MOBROG
MOBROG conducts surveys, interviews (in person, by phone or via webcam), mystery shopping, etc. through which play an important role in the development of tomorrow’s new products. If you would like to earn a little money in a serious and safe way with relatively little expenditure of time, then the MOBROG website is definitely the right place for you.

Most surveys revolve around product ratings. MOBROG also has surveys on new commercials, opinions and trends in its repertoire. Surveys on the subject of love and relationships are also not uncommon. MOBROG has a wide range of surveys and so it is never boring to answer the surveys.

How does MOBROG work?

Registering with MOBROG is very easy and should be quick and easy. You can register as a test person free of charge on the MOBROG website. Simply go to the MOBROG homepage and register there with your email address. You will receive an email with the MOBROG access data and a link to confirm. Now quickly answer a few questions about yourself and you will receive the first surveys – also by email. If you want to know more about MOBROG, then read my detailed review about MOBROG .

How much can I earn with MOBROG ?

For the surveys at MOBROG, registered users receive a reward for finally answering a survey. This is between EUR 0.50 and EUR 3.00 – depending on the (time) expenditure of the survey. But there are also surveys that are rewarded with significantly higher amounts – then it is surveys that take more time. MOBROG usually speaks of a “reward” – but no points are credited to your account, instead the euro amount is credited directly to your account.

The reward, or rather the payment, will be credited to your account at MOBROG. You can have your money paid out from your PayPal account with a credit of 5 euros or more.

In addition to earning money through surveys, you can also refer friends to MOBROG. Invite your friends to MOBROG and receive a 1.00 euro bonus as soon as they have successfully completed 3 surveys.

Register now with MOBROG
To the big MOBROG test report
Make Money With Surveys – The PanelStation
Make money with surveys from The PanelStation
The PanelStation is a loyalty and reward platform for consumer goods, technology, health, travel and much more. on which you will receive a reward by answering surveys and the like.

The Panel Station helps brands understand your point of view. In the past few years, $ 2 million in rewards have been won for time and opinion-sharing. With over 5 million members, The PanelStation is one of the largest polling panels in the world. They are currently represented in more than 35 countries where participants express their opinion via online surveys.

How does The PanelStation work ?

In principle like any other survey panel. You have to log in or register with The PanelStation. You will then receive an email with which you have to verify your access by clicking on the link. Then you can start. You will receive invitations to the various surveys by email or in the app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. The same applies here: the more precisely you have filled out your profile, the better the operators of The PanelStation can send you suitable surveys.

How Much Can I Earn With The PanelStation?

After completing a survey, you will receive reward points that you can redeem for money, gift cards, coupons and products. The amount of reward points always depends on how complex the survey is.

From 3,000 points, which corresponds to approx. 1.50 euros, you can have the money transferred to your account.

Sign in to The PanelStation
Make money with surveys –
Earn money with surveys at OnlinePanel.NET
As a club member in OnlinePanel.NET you can express your opinion in online surveys on a daily basis.

A variety of fun and paid activities are available to members of the survey club. These are also available in several languages. Every survey or task that is completed to the end will be rewarded!

Among other things, your tasks at OnlinePanel.NET could be doing jobs and micro jobs, trying out apps, discovering offers and answering surveys.

How does OnlinePanel.NET work ?

Registration is completed within 1 minute. You will then receive various surveys by email every day. You will also receive tasks that you can complete by email. Other activities with which you can earn money with surveys are testing apps or games. Also Micro jobs can be among the tasks that you can do and make money. As a member of OnlinePanel.NET you are part of the most trusted online website for paid activities in your language and your country.

The really good thing about this panel is that you have access to surveys and assignments offered by many other survey panels. So you can choose from a wide variety of surveys and assignments.

How much can I earn with OnlinePanel.NET ?

You get a fee of 5 euros for a completed survey. You can even earn up to 8 euros for testing mobile apps or games.

In addition to the fee for completed surveys or tasks, you can spin the wheel of fortune every week and win up to 1,000 points. OnlinePanel.NET also offers you bonus points if you regularly take part in surveys or tasks. There is also a prize draw where you can win either money or vouchers.

But if you want to register with Amazon Prime, for example, with the option to use it for 30 days free of charge, you can get points on OnliinePanel.NET which you can then have paid out to you.

Earn money with surveys –
The payout limit is $ 10, i.e. about 8.50 euros, which in turn corresponds to a point balance of 10,000 points. When this limit is reached, the money will be automatically credited to your PayPal account.

Log in to OnlinePanel.NET
Make money with surveys – Recommended
Earn money quickly at
You can find a very similar system to that of Swagbucks at Here, too, you have the opportunity to carry out various activities and thus earn money. For example, you can test websites, games or apps and earn money quickly.

Note: For many of the tasks you have to register on other platforms or place a small amount of money (e.g. buy a lottery ticket online for € 2.50). However, with your remuneration you will be reimbursed for this stake.

In addition, you only get new tasks if you have completed old tasks. If you want to get new tasks, you may first have to do tasks that you may not feel like doing at the moment.

How does work ?

Anyone can take part in . After registering for free, each member immediately receives more than 20 orders worth over 90 euros. This can be paid surveys, app tests, game tests, product tests, cosmetic tests and other tasks.

You have the opportunity to process the orders at any time and from anywhere. You can do this with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How much can I earn with ?

The individual orders are paid differently. For some website tests you will receive up to 12 euros. You can become a premium tester and thereby unlock increasingly better paid jobs. You can easily get your earned money transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

The payment threshold is 30 euros for an 1822MOBILE current account and 70 euros for any other current account.

Go to
Earn money with surveys at Meinugsstudie
Earn money at
The opinion study market research panel was founded in 2004 and has a global presence. With more than 3 million members, they are part of the largest online survey company Dynata in the world. As a registered member of the online panel, you contribute to the design of products and services of the future.

How does work ?

Registered members take part in online surveys, diary studies or product tests from home. has specialized in a bonus system. You will receive reward points for completed surveys or other activities, which you can exchange for vouchers from top brands such as, H&M, Zalando and many others.

How much can I earn with ?

As a rule, you will receive a credit of 7 euros for completely completed surveys. In addition to credit, you can also get “badges” for activating your account, regularly taking part in surveys and completely filling out your profile.

You can redeem the reward points you have collected for vouchers from leading brands as soon as you have reached an amount of € 20.

Register now for opinion polls
Earning money with surveys – opinion polls
Earn money with surveys at
at you are exactly right for all those who would like to have a say in trends, products and services of the future and then still want to earn money with their opinion.

There are no restrictions in subject areas or product areas at Many products that are waiting to be tested are market launches – nobody has known these products yet and you will be the first to find out about them.

How does work ?

If you are over 16, your residence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have, then you can register easily with your e-mail address when login. All you need is a bank account so that you can get your earned money transferred. You will receive the invitation to surveys after your registration by email, where you will also receive a direct indication of the approximate duration and your remuneration.

As with almost all other online survey panels, there is no obligation to take part in the surveys and participation is of course always free of charge.

How much can I earn with ?

There are between 1.00 euros and 2.50 euros per survey that will be credited to your member account as soon as you have successfully completed the survey. That always depends on the length of the survey.

If you have a balance of 15 euros or more on your member account, you can always have the money paid out to your bank account at the end of the month. If you have less than 15 euros credit for a month, it will simply be carried over to the next month.


In addition to paying for the surveys, you will receive a ticket for each completed survey that will automatically take part in the monthly raffle. For surveys that you cannot complete because you do not fit the target group definition of the customer or you cannot complete them because enough participants have already taken part, you will even get 3 entries for the monthly raffle.

You can win 3 times 50 euros, 80 euros, 40 euros, 20 euros and 10 euros which are raffled among all members of who have one or more monthly tickets.

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