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Although niche sites have been around for a very long time, many don’t really know what to do with this term. In this comprehensive guide about niche sites, I would like to answer all the important questions and show you exactly how you can build a niche site.

Before I show you that, however, you should first understand what a niche site is and how it works. Therefore, go through this niche site guide at your own pace so that you too can successfully build your own niche site.

Table of Contents
The most important questions about niche sites clarified
What are niche sites?
What does a niche site look like? Do you have any niche site examples?
Can you make money with niche sites?
What income are possible with a niche site?
What does a niche site cost?
What is passive income?
How do you create a website for a niche site?
Do you have to register a business for niche sites?
Create niche pages: this is how it works, step by step
Step 1: find your niche
Step 2: branding
Step 3: create website
Step 4: Find affiliate programs for niche sites
Step 5: create texts
Step 6: promoting niche sites
Important terms relating to niche sites
Niche sites and cookies
Compensation models in online business
Website & hosting
Conclusion: earn money with niche sites
The most important questions about niche sites clarified
Icon with glasses – the most important questions about niche sites clarified
What is a niche site and what does “niche” mean? How can I earn money with it and what does it cost me?

These are just a few of the many questions about niche sites that you deal with when you hear about this type of website for the first time, and I would like to answer these and many other questions briefly and clearly.

What are niche sites?
A niche site is a perfectly normal website that deals in detail with a specific topic. In this case, a “very specific topic” is a small subject area of ​​a larger industry, which in this context is also called a “niche”.

Examples of niche ideas
To make it clear to you what such a topic on a niche site can look like, I have prepared two examples for niche sites for you.

Industry: Pets
Topic: Dogs
Niche: Dog
bike baskets Mini niche: Dog bike baskets for the handlebars

Sector : Health
Topic: Hair loss
Niche: Hair loss in women
Mini niche: Circular hair loss in women

So at the top there is always an industry in which your side operates. Then comes a rough topic that is still far too extensive for a niche site. The topic is then followed by the niche that gives the niche page its name. This niche is quite precise. But if the topic is still very extensive, you can theoretically switch to a mini niche.

What does a niche site look like? Do you have any niche site examples?
A niche site looks like a perfectly normal website. No more and no less. The only big difference between a website and a niche site is the fact that you will find so-called affiliate links here. You will find out what that is in a moment. Sometimes you will also find tables in which products are compared. Technically, however, such a page does not differ from a normal website.

There is no concrete example of a perfect niche site, because depending on the topic, the demands on such a site can of course be different. At this point I have selected some niche page examples for you that count as positive examples in terms of structure and structure:

Niche site on the topic of robotic lawnmowers
Niche site on the topic of baby monitors
Can you make money with niche sites?
Yes you can. But it is interesting to see how exactly this works. First of all, you need a website and content that is interesting for your niche. In this content you incorporate the already mentioned affiliate links. Affiliate links are also often called partner links, because here you are entering into a partnership with a corresponding provider. If a user clicks on a partner link and carries out a certain action (usually a purchase), you will receive a pre-determined commission, i.e. money.

In addition to these partner links, you can also place advertisements. Here, too, you receive a corresponding commission as soon as the user has carried out an action.

What income are possible with a niche site?
From a nice pocket money to a full income, anything is possible with niche sites. How much income you generate from your niche website depends mainly on two factors:

Your niche
Your commitment
A perfect niche is of no use to you if you don’t put enough effort into your niche page. Of course, if your content is bad and your website is not attracting visitors, you cannot generate any income.

The same applies, by the way, if you choose a niche that just doesn’t work. No matter how much time and passion you can invest in your niche site, you will still not be able to generate satisfactory niche site income.

Niche Side Revenue – Sample Calculations
How to build your own online business step by step .
In my “1×1 of online business” I present you my tried and tested methods with which you can set up your own online business in a short time .

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For many, the answer “yes, you can make money with niche sites” is not enough, because the question of “how much?” is still in the room. I brought you an example that not only shows how you can generate income with niche sites, but also what income you can generate.

The niche website in our example deals with the topic of “green smoothies”. The exact number of visitors is around 15,000 visitors per month. That is an average of 500 visitors per day. With a few good rankings, this is possible without any problems.

On this page, visitors will find various recipes, information and product comparisons, where corresponding affiliate links have been placed. On these pages, not only high-performance mixers for up to 600 € are linked, but also small products such as accessories or books from around 10 €. Of course, selling a € 600 mixer brings higher commissions, but very few will really buy such a professional mixer. That is why we are only assuming an average purchase value per order of 50 – 60 €. All of these products are in the range of 7% commission on Amazon. But in order to present you with exact niche income, you have to know how many people are really buying.

For a very precise value you have to know the so-called conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of all buyers in relation to the visitors. We are assuming a conversion rate of 3% here. This means that out of 15,000 visitors per month, 450 visitors would actually make a purchase in the end. As an average, this is a realistic value, but of course it can vary from side to side. If we had a site that only deals with test reports on mixers, one could assume a significantly higher conversion rate.

We still stick to our 3% with a sales value of around € 50 per order. With a commission of 7% that would mean an income of € 3.50 per buyer. Doesn’t sound like much at first. However, not only one person buys here, but around 450 people per month. In numbers this means:

450 x € 3.50 = € 1575 monthly income

Many niche sites are not limited to the use of affiliate links, but also place relevant advertisements on the website. Ads are usually not billed per sale, but per click. This means that you will receive a predetermined amount for everyone who clicks on this ad on your website. But what does the income look like here? Here, too, we stick to our 15,000 visitors per month. We also assume that the effort has been made to place advertisements that are really relevant to the topic. This means that higher numbers of clicks can be expected. Let’s take 20% as an example. At this conversion rate, 3000 users would click on the ads per month.

But how much do you get for one click? A click is of course not remunerated as much as a purchase, because the advertiser has not made any sales with just one click. The remuneration for such advertisements depends very much on the industry. The insurance sector usually has the highest payments. But the competition is also extremely strong here. In our example, we assume an industry that is less well remunerated and calculate with € 0.15 per click. In numbers this means:

3000 x 0.15 € = 450 € monthly income

As already mentioned, affiliate marketing can of course be combined with advertising. In this case, you would have earned an average niche site of € 2025 per month . That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

What does a niche site cost?
Far less than you probably think.

However, you cannot manage a niche site entirely without investments. However, these are really within limits. The only thing you really need to spend money on is decent hosting. Here you should get there with 5 – 6 € per month. You can find out everything about this topic here .

Probably the biggest investment in a niche site is definitely your time. Because for this you have to invest a little more, especially at the beginning.

What is passive income?
If you hear the term niche sites, you often come across the term “passive income” or “automatic income”. A passive income means that you don’t have to actively work for your money. So you don’t get a wage or salary for working a certain amount of time, but you also earn money if you don’t work actively.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But that’s how it is.

With niche sites, you don’t get any money for sitting down and writing informative texts or building a website. Basically, your work remains unpaid for now. In return, you will earn income later when you sleep, are on vacation or spend time with your family.

As soon as your niche page has been set up, affiliate links and advertisements are appropriately integrated and visitors find your site, you will always receive money if, for example, a user clicks on an ad or buys a product on Amazon after having accessed an affiliate link from your side was directed there. You don’t have to do anything actively for your income. That is why in this case one speaks of passive income.

With the Amazon partner program , offers you a lot of free tools such as the SiteStripe tool, with which you can easily and quickly generate affiliate links and then place them on your niche page. The AAWP * plugin for WordPress also makes it easier for you to create lucrative and effective affiliate links. Constant updating of all relevant product data such as product images, prices, discounts, promotions, etc. are carried out automatically.

How do you create a website for a niche site?
A niche site is basically nothing more than a normal website. You can program the niche site yourself with HTML, for example, or use a content management system.

Doesn’t all of this mean anything to you? Then I have the right thing for you. Here on the online marketing site and also on my niche and authority sites I use a WordPress plugin called ” Thrive Architect “. It’s a visual editor that you can use to easily create professional-quality websites without the need for programming knowledge. Here’s how Thrive Architect works:

Do you have to register a business for niche sites?
Yes, after all, you make money with niche sites. So you also need a corresponding trade, because basically you are self-employed with a niche site. But this is not rocket science. A small business is quickly registered. You can read exactly how this works at Bonek.

Create niche pages: this is how it works, step by step
Create icon with diagram – niche page
After all important questions have been clarified, it can finally go into practice. In this part of the Niche Pages Guide, we’re going to take a look at exactly how you can create a niche site. I have prepared a small process for you with all the important steps:

Step 1: Find your niche
Step 2: Branding
Step 3: Create a website
Step 4: Find partner programs
Step 5: Create texts
Step 6: Promotion

Step 1: find your niche
You now know what a niche is. In the first step, you should therefore think about which topic you want to deal with on your niche page. Sounds simple at first, but finding the niche is a very important process. As already mentioned at the beginning, the success of niche sites stands and falls with the right niche.

Because this is so important, I covered this topic in great depth in my video course on making money from a website .

In the case of a niche, it is first of all important that there is any potential to earn money. So with all your ideas you always have to ask yourself:

Would I buy the product online?
A few years ago it was certainly thought that mattresses would be a niche that would be unsuitable for a niche site because nobody buys mattresses online. Today, for example, it is a lucrative niche idea. So you can see that the potential can develop over the years.

Then you should ask yourself:

Is the problem / topic long-term and keeps coming up?
Niche sites don’t create themselves and don’t work within a few days. Choosing a niche that is absolutely in demand right now, but which will probably lose interest again in a short period of time, is therefore not worthwhile.

Another disadvantage of a very short-lived niche: If you have built a niche site on a long-term interesting topic, you can earn money online for years without having to do a lot. However, if you choose a short-lived niche, you may earn well for a quarter of a year and then your earnings will plummet rapidly.

But how do you check that? I use Google Trends to help and enter my niche idea there. To show you how the graphics shouldn’t look here, I deliberately chose a niche idea that is absolutely unsuitable, namely “Fidgetspinner”. At Google Trends, I select the last five years as the period to show the interest in this term in that period. The graphic is Fidgetspinner now looks like this:

Assess niche side ideas: Google trends on “Fidgetspinner”
You can see very clearly that the term was actually only established in 2017. The high deflection clearly indicates a trend product. But you can also see here that the interest subsided relatively quickly. There is still interest, but it’s so low that niche sites here just wouldn’t be worth it.

Here I have another graphic for you. You can see the interest in the “dog bike basket” niche.

Google Trends graphic for the niche “dog bike basket”
Even if a lot of fluctuations are visible in the graph, this is a stable niche because the interest is there every year. At this curve you can see that this is a seasonal niche. Dog bike baskets are of course much more in demand in summer than in the cold months. Here you have to assume that your earnings will fluctuate. While you will always see a boom in summer, income will decline in the winter months. If you can live with it, you can also earn good money in such a niche. In principle, the interest is strong, it is just distributed unevenly over the different months.

Here is another graphic:

Graphic from Google Trends for the “razor” niche
This graphic shows the course of interest on the subject of “razors”. You can see that the differences are not as extreme here as with the niche idea “dog bike basket”, because a razor is not a seasonal product. But apparently a very popular Christmas present, because in December the interest rises sharply.

With niche sites in this niche, you can expect relatively stable income over the year. At Christmas your income will increase significantly.

If you want to generate a very stable income in the long term, you should keep your hands off seasonal niches. Here you can earn very well seasonally, but you earn significantly less in the “off-season”. If you don’t mind that, then let’s move on to a seasonal niche. These are usually less competitive.

You should keep your hands off trend products. To make money here, niche sites are not the way to go. In addition, you cannot use it to build a permanent, passive income.

Step 2: branding
The niche search is arguably the most important step in creating niche pages. If you choose a niche where there is no demand or no products are bought online, you will not be able to make any money here either. Therefore, only move on to the next step when you are really sure that you have chosen the right niche.

The next step is branding. That means we have to come up with a name and a domain for our website. In the case of niche sites, this is usually done relatively quickly, because usually the domain is also the name and it consists of the niche itself.

In very few cases, however, you will simply be able to choose your niche as a domain, as these are usually already taken. The way we proceed here is to start a domain query at Domain Factory, where we also host our websites . Here we check word combinations related to our niche. However, you should make sure that your niche in the domain is still recognizable.

Domain query for a niche page on the “razor”
Of course, you can also use other domain extensions than just .de. Make sure, however, that these are reputable. Especially from free domain endings like; etc. you should stay away from it. Rather, use domains with extensions like: .com; .net; .info etc. back.

Note: If you use a foreign domain ending (for example .com), make sure that the domain still makes it clear that this is a German website.

Once you have found your domain, you should of course secure it quickly. Not that someone else snatches it from you. To keep it as simple as possible, I recommend that you purchase your domain and hosting directly together. As already mentioned, we have been using Domainfactory for many years and are very satisfied with it. You can get professional hosting here for as little as € 3.99 per month.

My tip: Get a € 25 bonus now at Domain Factory

Decide now for Domain Factory as your reliable hosting provider and immediately secure a 25 € bonus.

Tip: So that you can create a website as easily as possible and without previous knowledge, you should use WordPress for this (more on this in a moment). Some hosting providers (for example also Domainfactory) offer a “one – click installation” of WordPress. You should definitely fall back on it, it will take a lot of the work off your shoulders.

Step 3: create website
We always create our niche pages with WordPress. This is a free content management system, which makes it much easier for you to create and maintain a website. There are also a lot of free designs and extensions for WordPress that will help you build a website the way you want.

You can find more information about WordPress and the first steps here in my free series of articles. If you would like to learn how to build a website with WordPress step by step, I recommend you to take a look at my eBook “Create a WordPress Website” .

You don’t really have to pay a lot of attention when creating your website. I recommend you to keep your site slim and clear. Your content should ultimately be in the foreground here. An elaborate design with animations or the like would only distract from the essentials.

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