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Ready Made Websites for Sale : The Benefits of Ready Made Websites

How can earn from Ready Made Websites ?


If you are looking for a way to start making money online without investing a lot of money and want to know more about ready made websites for sale, then this article is for you.

  • Do you want to buy ready made eCommerce websites, blogs or an online business?
    Are you an investor looking for ways to build a new online business venture quickly and effectively ?
  • Are you an IT expert, a web developer or a web designer looking for a way to make quick money by potentially selling your websites?
  • Are you looking for potential buyers who can take charge or buy your website or established online business at the best price?

What does this mean?

It means, the demand for digital products and services are going to increase rapidly and you can make a huge amount of money from it.

But how?

Well, there are many options but the best and easiest way for investors is to buy an established online business…

The reason is, the start up of a new website is a time consuming process and includes web design, development and a huge deal of technological brainstorming.

An ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to quickly establish themselves online is a marketplace that sells and buys established websites, domains and ecommerce sites. Website marketplaces come with several established businesses in almost every industry niche like fashion or beauty that can be immediately and effectively used to launch businesses in another sector.

In fact, established website sellers are IT professionals and businesses globally. With the demand for good working websites and traffic soaring high, these sellers can expect a very good price from their website. Before we talk about the popular marketplaces to buy or sell your websites online, let me share important things you should take into consideration before buying or selling any website from such marketplaces.

Things to account for before you buy or sell websites

As there are hundreds of marketplaces and thousands of ready-made websites available to buy for the people, make sure you understand these important points before you make a decision on a ready-made website for sale.

1. Commission of marketplace:

Websites that are sold through the marketplace aim to transfer the business and brand to a different business owner. The buyer on the other hand uses it to improve performance and increase their revenues. This also involves an element of commission. Whether you are on the buying or selling end, make sure your part of the commissions or revenues is agreeable and very transparent. Each marketplace offers various business models and payment terms and conditions, so please make sure you compare them and accordingly proceed with your decision before buying a ready-made website.

2. Support after buy or sell of the website:

A website is best understood by the people who have created them from scratch. After-sales support is an important element of the exchange agreement. Kindly consider the after-sales and website migration support before you proceed with a buying or selling decision. If they do not offer post-sales support as part of their deal and you are keen on buying their online established business, you can always find a subscription-based unlimited graphic design service provider who can help you to manage your day-to-day website design activities and so forth.

3. Analyze historic traffic & revenue:

Statistics related to traffic history and revenues can help make a wise business decision. You can also use third-party tools like SEMRush, Alexa, etc to understand the current status and position of the website. You can also do an SEO audit of the website to understand whether the website has not been affected by Google penalties in the past.

Please note that the SEO industry is very competitive and very challenging these days. You need to review the historical data of the website for organic traffic. If you find any quick drop in organic traffic coming through, you must discuss with the website seller the reasons behind this. If the website were penalized in the past, you will end up losing money to get that penalty removed on your behalf or it may happen that the website may never come back again.

4. Set a reasonable price to sell:

A website is the face of the business apart from being a tool of revenue generation. Never underestimate the value of a fully functioning website, however irregular updates or erratic revenue generation is something to look out for. Research well before settling the final selling price. At the same time, you also need to understand the potential of business before you make any buying offers on your behalf.

5. Transparent details:

Apart from the transparency in the pricing, commission, and support, buyers need to ensure that the website hasn’t been penalized by Google. You should also check the backlinks of the website to make sure that the links are natural and do not violate the Google webmaster guidelines as this can cause headaches in the long term.

Whether you’re an online teacher after affiliate bonuses or perhaps you’re a private tutor or consultant, a website is an essential part of the game plan. But wouldn’t it be great if you already had a ready-made website completed?

But I think we can all agree…making a website from scratch is a bit of a task and takes dedication. That’s why investing in ready-made websites is a path that many choose to take to proceed quicker in their business ventures.

The Benefits of Ready Made Websites for Sale

When you buy a ready-made website, you should avoid the following things:

  • Picking and buying a domain name
  • Learning WordPress
  • Picking a theme
  • Selecting images
  • Researching content
  • Writing content
  • Acquiring links
    The list goes on and on…

How can we help you with your Web Design?

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When you’re choosing a website design company, or design agency, it is very important to have a web design built to showcase your business and to set you apart from the rest of your competition. The website needs to market your key selling points as well as helping turn potential customers into real long lasting clients. Our web design makes sure your website looks top notch and works effectively for your business, and that you get as many online Internet visitors as possible, getting to see what your business does and helping them get in touch with you. Our team’s web design experience and SEO expertise will help your business to thrive.

I have seen many investors buying established businesses or websites from such marketplaces and by implementing our thought out strategies, they are really making a good living out of it. Are you an IT professional with some online business ideas? You can convert this idea into an online business and can make quick money by selling established online business to them through these website marketplaces. In-short, this is a win-win situation for both investors as well as web developers.



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