The 5 best tools for Amazon retailers

Amazon merchants have a variety of obligations to meet and problems to deal with. In addition to the creation of invoices, the management of customers and customer ratings, this also includes product research and the fulfillment of tax obligations. Nowadays, many of these tasks can be taken over by software solutions. The 5 best tools that every Amazon retailer should know in order to sell successfully are presented here.

Every day, millions of products in countless product categories are offered for sale on Amazon. Some bring high profit margins, others are less profitable. In addition, Amazon not only charges different fees for products in different categories, but also the fees per product for storage and delivery by Amazon differ, many retailers pursue unethical sales strategies and Amazon is known for identifying profitable products and selling them themselves and to dominate the respective niches. If you want to sell profitably on Amazon, you need a product range that consists of products with high profit margins, high demand and little competition. Analysis tools such as AMZScout help Amazon sellers to identify exactly these products and to calculate profits.

First of all, AMZScout offers a large database of products in which you can filter, search and find product groups that are worthwhile. It is practical that the sales data are not only displayed as a whole, but can also be analyzed in different time periods. Amazon retailers can use it to find out, for example, which products should be offered in the summer months and for which products the storage fees are not worthwhile in winter. For each category and product group, AMZScout continues to automatically calculate the current Amazon fees for sales, storage and delivery, so that the forecast profit can be analyzed in real time.

But the tool can do even more! Sales figures for individual niches and Amazon-optimized links can be generated completely free of charge. Search data is also incorporated into the software’s calculations. With AMZScout, retailers can monitor the search behavior of Amazon buyers, include products in the spectrum that are increasingly being searched for, and also optimize product descriptions. Furthermore, the software is constantly updated, adapted and improved. The dropshipping & arbitrage feature for Amazon retailers was recently added. This enables products to be identified in no time at all, for which the cross-border arbitrage opportunities are greatest and which are best suited for the product range of pure Amazon dropshippers.

The selection of the products and the sale are followed by the invoice. The creation of invoices, the forwarding to the customer, and a clear organization of all invoices is one of the most time-consuming tasks that an Amazon seller has to deal with. Tools that take over and automate all of this are usually worth their price for the time they save. But not every tool is useful for every type of online retailer!

Amazon sellers in particular should therefore use amaInvoice, one of the best invoice generation tools on the market. Unlike many other providers, this financial accounting program specializes in creating invoices for Amazon retailers and is therefore suitable for both small marketplace retailers and international FBA sellers. The amaInvoice tool not only automatically creates invoices for sales, the tool also calculates the sales tax rates for all product categories per EU country, simplifies B2B sales by automatically checking the sales tax ID and organizes proof of delivery for traceable deliveries. All of this happens through the integration directly with Amazon, which also enables the creation of summaries and the automatic upload of invoices for the end customers.

The program also functions as a digital interface to ERP systems and financial accountants . After everything has been automatically prepared by AmaInvoice, the data can be exported directly for the tax consultants who take care of sales tax obligations in the respective countries and thus continue to work. This is possible because AmaInvoice provides all data in DATEV format and the data records can thus be imported directly into the processing environment of tax consultants, but also into the systems of other tools, such as VAT tools for the automation of sales tax submissions or optimization software. The prices for automation are based on the number of invoices and the countries to which sales are made.

Tip: Anyone who is not only an Amazon dealer, but also sells independently or runs their own online shop, should take a look at Billbee. This tool covers all areas that AmaInvoice is not dedicated to as a program specializing in Amazon.

As soon as the products have been sold, shipped and the invoices prepared, an Amazon retailer also has to deal with the issue of sales tax. Especially sellers who are also part of FBA programs, store and ship via the online marketplace, and sell to several countries via Amazon, should work carefully when fulfilling their sales tax obligations. A single product stored abroad or a single sale can quickly lead to mandatory VAT registration and late registrations and filing of tax documents abroad can result in heavy penalties. The situation is further complicated by varying requirements, deadlines and language barriers. Instead of consulting individual tax advisors in each country, It is worthwhile for most Amazon sellers to use VAT software that takes care of sales tax in other countries. One of the best tools on the market that has its own automation software is hellotax.

With the proprietary sales tax software from hellotax sales tax registrations in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France and many other countries as well as their pre-registrations are fully automated. Furthermore, documents from local tax authorities are received and translated on behalf of the merchant and all sales tax transactions are saved, checked, bundled and processed in the hellotax VAT tool. Hellotax also has links to Amazon so that sales data can be imported directly, as well as to other partners and optimization tools for online retailers. The Amazon dealer himself only needs to be active as soon as the software sends a warning message. He is also supported by a team of local tax advisors who fill out and submit documents and are at his side in all questions.

In contrast to other VAT tools, hellotax also started out specifically in the Amazon and FBA sectors. Therefore, this tool not only offers perfect integration with the online marketplace, but also special expertise in dealing with Amazon sales and FBA programs, making it the best choice for Amazon retailers.

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