Why explanatory videos are so effective in online marketing

People who search for a service or a product on the Internet only want one thing: to find a solution to their problem. Thus, the Internet has meanwhile become the meeting point between companies and potential customers. Which medium is preferred by potential customers when it comes to finding out more about the product or service quickly and easily? Videos. Potential customers are looking for a visual representation of the products, preferably in video format. Thanks to YouTube and Co., videos have become one of the main media on the Internet.

Many companies & marketers have already recognized this for themselves. However, many are still unsure whether a video campaign really suits their company.

The truth is, there are 8 great reasons how explainer videos can help your business in the long term, and why explainer videos are so effective in online marketing. You don’t want to be the last to jump on the train, do you?

What kind of products / services does your company offer?
If your company offers apps, software or other innovative products, you urgently need to rely on visual media. Why? Because these products often require explanation and a video saves you a lot of time to explain your products clearly and quickly.

Does your company have a website?
If so, you’re in luck. Google loves video content (even since the takeover of YouTube) and rewards websites that use it with good rankings.

Do you know where your target audience is?
It’s 2020. Nobody can find out about products or services offline anymore. Instead, people search for information on Google or social media. The probability is very high that your target group is also on the Internet. You just have to find out which portals and websites this is usually on and then become active in these portals.

Why does your company need an explanatory video?
Basically, an explanatory video is delivered in a complete package. Text, graphics, animations, sound and other elements are delivered in ONE medium, which is used to describe your product or service. An explanatory video:

Boosts your company’s brand awareness
Improves your company’s online presence
Emphasizes the personality of your company
Increases engagement in social media
How can an explanatory film help your company? Using an explanatory video is a great way to help potential buyers make a purchase decision without them reading through a long mess of text.

And now here are 8 more reasons why you should convert your content to visual format right away.

Explanatory videos for visual interaction
1. Visual interaction
The visually attractive function of the explanatory video attracts the attention of your potential customers. Compared to other marketing tools on the market, a video has been shown to be 43% more compelling !

People retain up to 50% more information when they learn it through a combination of visual and verbal information.

Give your visitors the opportunity to get to know your product visually. If they have a choice, I assure you that they will select a visual channel to engage with your product. This is also because many of us are visual learners.


Explanatory videos Mobile users love videos
2. Mobile users love videos
We all agree that mobile devices have taken over the world. In 2019, the share of smartphone users in Germany was almost 82% ! That’s just impressive!

But it also means that you need to stay tuned and create content that is tailored for mobile users. And as we all know, people don’t really enjoy reading on mobile devices. The small screens make video content work much better than text.

In fact, more than half of the video contest is viewed on mobile devices. The reason it is the preferred medium for mobile users is because it is the best way to communicate a message. Videos fit perfectly on smaller screens and don’t require as much effort. The customers can thus be practically sprinkled.

And as we discussed earlier, prospects always prefer video between watching a video or reading long blocks of text.

Explanatory videos increase conversions and ROI
3. Explanatory videos increase conversions and ROI
Every business owner knows what the return on investment (ROI) is. After all, this indicates whether the marketing measures are successful or not. Fortunately, explanatory videos are worthwhile for the majority of entrepreneurs.

52% of self-employed say that videos generate the greatest ROI in marketing for their company. This shows that even if you have to invest in the production of an explanatory video, it will pay off in the long run.

Videos also increase the conversion rate of your product.

If you create or have videos created that make you more visible and trustworthy, and thus enable you to connect with your target audience, you can be sure that you can get more business out of it, right?

Right! There are also numbers to prove this. When comparing a webpage that doesn’t use video to a webpage that doesn’t, the website with no video had an average conversion rate of 2.9%. The website that uses videos shows one impressive difference: the average conversion rate is 4.8% .

Explanatory videos are useful
4. Explanatory videos are practical
There are some products that are easier to describe than others. If your company has a product or service that is a little more complicated, it is helpful to have a video to visually illustrate what exactly you are doing and how it can benefit your customer.

There are some things that are difficult to describe in text.

For example, it is difficult to write instructions on how to tie a tie – it is much easier to make a video of how to do it.

You can clearly show your customer how your product works and how it improves their life.

Explanatory videos can go viral
5. Explanatory videos can go viral
There is no proven formula for “going viral”. However, if there is one form of media that can do it faster than any other medium, it is video.

One of the best things about explainer videos is that they are engaging, fun, and people want to share them with you.

Most social media platforms will automatically play your video and draw people’s eyes to you.

When you’re in the process of promoting your brand, it helps to have content that is easy to share and quick to view.

Explanatory videos increase the length of stay
6. Explanatory videos increase the length of stay
The average time potential customers spend on your social media or website is around 10 to 20 seconds. However, the first 20 to 30 seconds are crucial for pitching your product or service. If prospects have no reason to keep browsing your social media or website, they will most likely leave.

An explanatory video on your homepage is a quick and easy way to explain your company and your product to someone who visits your website.

If you have now embedded an explanatory video on your social media or website, you can extend this duration significantly.

Explanatory videos are affordable
7. Explanatory videos are affordable
Many companies are afraid of investing money in video production because of the supposedly high costs. Paying for such services usually costs a lot of money. In the past, many companies didn’t have enough budget for a video. In the past, only large corporations could afford that.

But with the advancement of computer hardware and software, today you can get a high quality 1-2 minute marketing video for a fair price! And as mentioned earlier, an explainer video is an investment that pays off.

Explanatory videos are SEO-friendly
8. Explanatory films are SEO-friendly
Google loves video content. For its rankings, Google rates the average time that customers spend on your website.

Having an explanatory video embedded on your website can increase the amount of time your customer spent on your website. This sends positive user signals to the search engines. This will make your content appear higher on searches, and it will be more likely that you will appear first in Google rankings.


Do you still have doubts as to whether explanatory videos are important for your online marketing? Let’s look at this statistic.

Keep in mind that video is projected to account for 82% of internet traffic by 2022 . This results in a large market share of videos of all kinds.

It is a shame if you miss this opportunity and do not use these statistics for the success of your company.

To sum it up again: An explanatory video can on the one hand help to increase the brand awareness of your company. On the other hand, a strong customer-company relationship can be built by maintaining clear and direct communication. Mobile users also benefit from the compactness of the explanatory videos and are
therefore more willing to get in touch with you and your company. Furthermore, explanatory videos ensure that you increase the conversion rate of your product or service and generate more profit in the long term.


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