Working from home: this is how you make money from home

We got to know and appreciate work from home, especially in the times of the corona pandemic. It gives you the opportunity to plan and implement your time and workload more independently. You can decide for yourself when and how much you want to work. Many jobs don’t even have to be home to work. A good laptop or tablet and a secure, stable and fast internet connection are often enough to be able to work from home.

It looks a little different for most of the main jobs. Working from home, i.e. in the home office, requires working and attendance times that you have to adhere to and are bound to. Nevertheless, you can benefit from the many advantages of working from home

What are the options for working from home?

There are many very interesting jobs that you can work in from home. Whether full-time or part-time, as a main job or part-time job, whether employed or self-employed – the range of offers is very diverse and you are almost spoiled for choice when choosing jobs for working from home.

Working from home as an employee

Most of the time, a home office job means that instead of going to the office or driving in the morning, you do your “normal” job at home. The work equipment is usually made available to you by your employer. You just want to make sure you have a place where you can go about your job without major disruption. Most of the time, you also follow the working hours that you would have in the office. In some jobs that are carried out from home, this does not matter and you can do your tasks almost at any time of the day or night.

Earning money from home as an employee is rarely associated with investments. Either you get the work equipment or the existing laptop or computer, plus a stable and good internet connection is sufficient. Home office jobs from your main job are in most cases provided by the employer. So you will receive a computer or laptop including a telephone and all other work materials from your employer

Pros & Cons – employed working from home 


  • Financial security

  • Safe workplace

  • Social Security

  • Fixed number of hours per week

  • Statutory health and pension insurance

  • Paid seminars, courses and training

  • Promotion opportunities

  • Social contacts


  • Salary is set by the company

  • Termination by employer

  • Your own coverage through private provision

  • No organization of working hours

  • More expensive private health and pension insurance

  • Self-financed seminars, courses and training

  • Bound by instructions

  • Bullying by colleagues

Working from home as a self-employed person

It looks a little different when you go into business for yourself to earn money from home. You can use your existing IT resources for many independent jobs. Often, however, you are also forced to spend money on an online presence, training courses, programs or marketing, for example. For some jobs (graphic designer, YouTuber, influencer), however, your own IT resources are often insufficient and you have to reckon with higher investments. The acquisition of powerful computers and the necessary software are often expensive, but are very worthwhile in the long run.

Working independently from home has some advantages and disadvantages compared to being an employee:

Pro & Contra –  Working independently  from home 


  • Largely independent

  • Be your own boss

  • Very high income possible

  • Diversified

  • Flexible working hours

  • Own freedom of choice

  • Own development opportunities


  • No 100% security

  • Termination of orders by the client

  • Income can fluctuate widely

  • No earnings on vacation or illness

  • Usually higher work and time expenditure

  • Often less free time and vacation

  • Further costs for z. B. Tax advisor etc.

Earning money from home: How to find home office jobs

In theory, everything always sounds very simple. You can earn money from home as an employee, but you can also work from home as a self-employed person.

But how do you find the right job to earn money from home?


Would you have thought that 93% of all jobs are now found via portals such as, or And there is a clear trend here as to which jobs are most popular for working from home:

Top 10 home office jobs











Job boards with home office jobs

I listed a whole lot of advantages and disadvantages about home office jobs as an employee or self-employed. The task now is to find these jobs too. It is easiest if you search for it in various job portals on the Internet. And there are quite a few of them!

One of the largest platforms and without a lot of frills is certainly the portal from indeed .

In order to find a home office job for you, offers you various filter options. So you can search for relevant jobs for yourself with a

  • Keyword (Home Office Job)
  • a title (virtual assistance)
  • an industry (IT)
  • one location (Cologne)

Looking for

The results will help you find a job quickly and easily to work from home.

Once you have registered with, you can upload and save all of your application documents (curriculum vitae, certificates, cover letters, etc.) in your profile. Change and add to at any time, of course.

If you would like to apply for a job now, you can simply and easily upload your application directly from your profile to the relevant job advertisement. Applying has never been faster.

You can also store which jobs you are interested in in your profile. If potential employers post new jobs at, you will immediately receive an email with the most important information about this job.

Actually, of course, but for the sake of form, I would like to mention that there is an app for Apple as well as for Android smartphones and tablets with which you can use the entire scope of the portal.

Other portals with offers for a home office job such as Stepstone, and ebay classifieds also offer you a variety of filter options to find your perfect home office job.

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